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    Corsica Linea is the new brand of Maritima Ferries, which acquired the ships of the SNCM in 2016, and which aims to provide the best service to the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

    The services of Corsica Linea are provided all year round from Marseille, the main commercial port in France. In addition there are regular connections to the Corsican ports of Ajaccio, Bastia, Ile Rousse and Propriano. There’s a trip directly to Porto-Vecchio a charming seaside resort on the South-East of Corsica.

    Your vacation begins when you board the Corsica Linea cruise ships. Danielle Casanova can carry up to 2200 passengers and 700 vehicles. The ship Jean Nicoli was the first refurbished ship to fly the colors of Corsican Linéa and its logo also displays a Moorish head, symbol of the Corsican flag.

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    Routes and Itineraries:

    Popular routes:
    Marseille <> Ajaccio 5 Sailings Weekly 11 hr
    Ajaccio to Porto Torres - 3 Sailings Weekly - 3 hr 30 min
    Marseille <> Algiers - 4 Sailings Weekly - 23 hr
    Marseille <> Bastia - 5 Sailings Weekly - 11 hr 1 min
    Marseille <> Bejaia - 1 Sailing Weekly - 22 hr 30 min
    Marseille <> L’Ile Rousse - 3 Sailings Weekly - 11 hr
    Marseille <> Porto Torres - 2 Sailings Weekly - 10 hr 1 min
    Marseille <> Porto Vecchio - 3 Sailings Weekly - 12 hr
    Marseille <> Tunis - 3 Sailings Weekly - 21 hr

    Alternative Routes with Sardinia Ferries:
    Ajaccio <> Nice,
    Ajaccio <> Porto Torres,
    Ajaccio <> Toulon,
    Bastia <> Nice,
    Bastia <> Savona,
    Bastia <> Toulon,
    L’Ile Rousse <> Nice,
    L’Ile Rousse <> Savona,
    L’Ile Rousse <> Toulon,
    Porto Torres <> Toulon and
    Porto Vecchio <> Toulon.

    When to Book:

    You’re best option is to book now … or at least very soon, when your travel plans are confirmed, even if you don’t have all your final destination reservation shored up. Here’s why:

    • Ferry prices rise as affluent periods get closer. These passenger funnels take place during weekends, general and school holidays and especially summer vacation.
    • Not only do prices rise but scarcity also comes into play. July and August are high season-book these months as soon as possible. Then come June and September.
    • Mid-week and night-time (added cost of a cabin if you need one, but that replaces a hotel room) are good choices to keep the cost lower. And keep an out for early bird and other special offers that the Ferry companies frequently offer.
    • Make sure you have a reservation at the time you want to travel.
    • Another factor to keep in mind, valid for prices and scarcity is the time of day you’re traveling.
    How to easily and safely book your tickets:

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    Where to Book your Tickets and Reservations:

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