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    ÖBB railjet

    Travel from Vienna airport to Prague with the ÖBB railjet

    The ÖBB railjet now connects all of Austria, as well as its neighbouring countries with interval trains running at top speeds of 230 km/h. On the state-of-the-art high-speed trains which make up ÖBB’s fleet, you will travel faster than ever before, be it from Vienna via Salzburg, Innsbruck and Bregenz to Zurich or via Graz and Klagenfurt to Villach. Other ÖBB railjets zip along the route Budapest – Vienna – Munich in record time, on some days also taking you onwards to Stuttgart, Mannheim or Frankfurt/Main.

    Since December 2014, the railjet has also been running from Graz via Vienna and Brno to Prague at two-hour intervals. Another new development since December 2014: the ÖBB railjets to Graz, Villach, Prague and Budapest now also stop at the new Vienna Central Train Station.

    From December 2015 onwards, all railjets running towards Munich and Zurich will stop at Vienna Central Train Station, as well. In addition to this, there will also be a railjet running from Salzburg onward to the Vienna airport, so that you can hop off a train and onto an airplane.

    It makes you feel like sitting in a nice little restaurant savouring your coffee.

    ÖBB’s railjet restaurant has 14 seats and is the perfect place to enjoy a culinary treat with pleasant company during your trip. Because the restaurant has something to offer for any craving: from small snack to a complete lunch.

    The railjet restaurant awaits you with culinary highlights.

    You will be pleasantly surprised by the extensive offer of Austrian “Schmankerln”, international specialities and seasonal dishes. Apart from having a coffee at the bar, you can also get yourself something to eat and drink from the railjet restaurant and enjoy it in comfort at your seat.

    Additiional Equipment
    Passenger information system

    The passenger information system of the ÖBB railjet gives you all timetable information during your trip on 80 monitors throughout the train and shows the actual route of your train on digital maps. The passenger information system also has an electronic reservation display so you can easily find your seat.

    Children’s cinema

    The children?s cinema in the Economy Class offers exciting entertainment for our little passengers. Cartoon series and fun children?s movies will keep you and your little ones entertained during the trip

    Barrier free access

    The ÖBB railjet offers special equipment and services to passengers with limited mobility:

    vehicle-integrated lift
    3 seats for wheelchair users
    toilet with barrier free access
    power outlets (suitable for wheelchair batteries)
    space for guide dog
    assistance call service
    all meals and beverages brought to your seat from the railjet Bistro

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    When to Book:

    Booking opens from 120 to 90 days before departure. Purchases can be made up to time of departure by ordering if e-tickets that you can print out yourself are available. Often when ticket sales open there are special reduced fares on non-refundable tickets.

    How to easily and safely book your tickets:

    Tickets can be purchased before departure: at ticket machines, at the ticket counter at a station, as a "Handy-Ticket" using your mobile phone or as an online ticket via the 'Book Now' button on BonjourLaFrance.

    If it is not possible to purchase a ticket at the boarding station (e.g. because there are no ticket machines available or working) a ticket must be purchased immediately after boarding either at the ticket machine on the train (at one end of the train), or by seeking out the train crew to purchase a ticket, as soon as you are able to.

    Where to Book your Tickets and Reservations:

    Click your country link 90 days before you travel for the most savings and peace of mind. To book a train pick your country of reference below. Buy all your Tickets online. CLICK on the link for your home country to see information in your language and check Real Time Schedules, Prices and Travel Times and make A SECURE PURCHASE.

    France and European City to City Train Tickets:

    Train travel offers you downtown to downtown comfortable and efficient rail service. No hassle with early arrivals, delays, and luggage security checks. You can take unlimited weight and reasonably bulky items on board. European rail is the way to travel and really see the French countryside. USA > UK > Argentina > Australia > Belgium-Fr > Belgium-Nl > Brazil > Canada > France > France Promotions > France Groups 10-30 people > GCC Countries > Germany > Hong Kong > India > Israel > Italy > Japan-Jp > Mexico, Central America, Caribbean > Netherlands > New Zealand > Singapore > South Africa > Spain > Switzerland-Fr > Switzerland-De > Rest of the world (English) > Rest of the world (Español) > 中国 > 香港 > 日本 > 한국 > 新加坡

    Train Passes:

    If you are traveling by train on 5 different days or more in one or a few European countries then buying a European Rail Pass could be to your budgetary advantage compared to ‘point-to-point' tickets. Click below to see Rail Pass options. For European citizens use the point-to-point links above, the Rail Pass access is on the same page. USA > Argentina > Australia > Brazil > Canada > GCC Countries > Hong Kong > India > Israel > Japan-Jp > Mexico, Central America, Caribbean > New Zealand > Singapore > South Africa > Rest of the world (English) > Rest of the world (Español) > 中国 > 香港 > 日本 > 한국 > 新加坡

    Service Levels:

    Economy Class, First Class and Business Class with various services including bicycle stands, children's cinema, power outlets, a wide range of free newspapers and magazines, comfotable leg room all the way to ergonomically shaped leather-upholstered seats with adjustable back rests and leg rests for a pleasantly relaxing position and a quiet atmosphere for undisturbed working in upgraded Business Class.

    Free WI-FI as well as an on-board portal provide information and entertainment during your Railjet journey

    Mobility Access:

    Special equipment and services making travelling in a wheelchair as comfortable and easy as possible: On-board lift, 3 wheelchair user spaces in First Class at the price of an Economy-Class ticket, wheelchair-accessible toilet, power outlets (suitable for wheelchair batteries), space for guide dogs, service call for cabin service, cabin service for all food and beverages served by the on-board restaurant...


    Take everything along that you need - or simply send your luggage ahead of time with Haus-Haus-Gepäck Plus. With therail courier package, we transport your parcels 365 days a year. And at many train stations, lockers are available to store your luggage.

    Lost Property:

    ÖBB is happy to assist you in finding lost objects. Naturally, our search will extend to all areas of the Austrian Federal Railways, however, we recommend you to also contact the next police station, if you have lost any valuables. If you have lost or found something, simply contact one of the Lost + Found Service Centres in Austria. Either personally, by email or phone.

    Mungos has got 6 lost + found offices in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Villach, Bruck an der Mur and Innsbruck. For enquiries please call our lost + found hotline on +43 1 93000-22 2 22 from Monday to Thursday from 07:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:30 as well as Fridays from 07:30 to 13:30. Found items can be picked up at our offices during the above office hours, or we can send you your property by mail within Austria (freight forward).

    Food Service:

    Depending on Class, from trolley service offering snacks and beverages, to beverages and food from the restaurant and bistro priced according to the menu served directly to your seat.

    Every Railjet is furthermore equipped with an on-board restaurant. It functions as an attractive meeting point offering a pleasant atmosphere for a quick snack in between or even a proper meal. You are welcome to take all dishes and beverages to your seat.


    It is possible to travel with your cat or dog on most ÖBB trains. Note the following rules for the transport of live animals:
    Small and harmless animals can be taken along free of charge in suitable transport containers. If you take an animal along which cannot be transported as hand luggage in a transport container, you will have to pay a fare for your pet. Assistance dogs registered in a certificate of disability can travel along on the train for free.

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