Can I travel with an animal, and what are the conditions?

To travel with a dog, you need a 2nd class half-price ticket (even if you travel in 1st class). For a small dog or other domestic animals (under 6 kg) transported in a basket or a closed container with dimensions not exceeding 45cm x 30cm x 25cm the price is 5.10 Euros.

Before you take your seat, be aware that you must check with the travelers around you to make sure they accept the presence of your domestic animal. You cannot impose its presence if they don’t agree. By obligation, your dog must be muzzled. If you’re traveling in a night compartment you must reserve an entire compartment for yourself.

Trained dogs accompanying handicapped individuals:
The presence of a guide dog with a handicapped person does not entail a supplementary price. Wearing a muzzle by such a dog is not necessary if the handicapped person can provide evidence of special training by the dog.