Do I need a (Seat) Reservation if I have a Train Pass?

If you’re traveling on a Rail Pass (Eurail or country-specific Select Pass) then you have to purchase seat reservations separately. You can do this by going to the website where you purchased the Pass or from a rail station if you’re already in France. See the question above for details about Train Passes.

On the website look for wording like this: “Book a Reservation for your Pass” or on the purchase page: “Are you traveling on a rail pass?”


  • A reservation is a guaranteed seat on a specific train
  • Rail carriers usually have a limited number of seats for travelers with a rail pass, so be sure to book as soon as possible
  • You can generally book your reservation between 60-90 days before departure
  • Not all ticket and reservations are ‘print @ home’ so you need to purchase sufficiently ahead of time to allow for ‘paper delivery’
  • BTW all Rail Passes are issued in ‘paper’ (for now) so, there again, purchase early and leave sufficient time for delivery and … peace of mind

These links will take you to country-specific websites where you will be able to buy Seat Reservation to accompany your Train Pass:

USA – Argentina – Australia – Brazil – Canada – GCC Countries – Hong Kong – India – Israel – Japan-Jp – Mexico, Central America, Caribbean – New Zealand – Singapore – South Africa – Rest of the world (English) – Rest of the world (Español) – 中国 – 香港 – 日本 – 한국 – 新加坡

European citizens can order the Interrail Pass with these links:
UK – Belgium-Fr – Belgium-Nl France – Germany – Italy – Netherlands – Spain – Switzerland-Fr – Switzerland-De