On arrival at my station I only have 7 minutes to transfer trains to continue my journey, is this enough time?

Yes, 7 minutes to transfer trains is sufficient. Getting from one to another is a short operation.

I will give you a brief explanation but the best thing to do is when the ticket controller comes to check your ticket on the first train, ask him/her which platform your connecting train leaves from. They should be able to tell you… as well as giving you directions on how to get to that platform. They know all the stations along their route.

People getting off at your station should also be able to inform you where the connecting train leaves from, and you’ll find that someone will even walk you over to the platform. I guarantee you that you will have no problem, even in English.

I suggest you get prepared to disembark a few minutes before arrival, even taking all your belongings and standing by the door so as to be the first off the train. That said, platforms are always parallel one to another. and they are generally numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. You’ll come in on platform 2 (let’s say) and will need to get to platform 6 (let’s say). On the platforms OR in a main area, you will see an overhead announcement board. There you’ll see all the information you need. Take a look at this one as an example. Notice the platform number at the right.

There are two ways to get to your new departure platform:

1. Go to the HEAD of the train… and find your new platform
2. Use an UNDERGROUND passageway which will run UNDER and PERPENDICULAR to the tracks.

When you get into this passageway you’ll see the track numbers on the wall… and you’ll easily be able to find your new platform. There will be a stairway UP to the platform and you’ll be right beside the train. In fact, there could be a train on either side of you… so make sure you get on the right one. The destination will generally be indicated beside the door. If need be, ask. Generally, you can follow the crowd… which will lead you in the right direction… To the head of the platform, or the passageway, but keeps your eyes open for platform signs.

As soon as you see your platform, and hence, your train, you can get on through the FIRST door… without worrying about where you’re going to sit. Just get on… whether you have a reserved seat or not. You can always walk through the INTERIOR of the train to find a seat or your reserved seat, even if its a couple of coaches further on.

Be assured the time given between arrival and departure (7-8 minutes) is done so to allow passengers to easily transit from one train to another and allow them to continue their journey.