What do the different signs and symbols mean?

The sign-board below, generally found in the main stations, gives basic indications. Most of it is readily understandable and even translated into English.

General Direction Train info boardRER
 Lines A and D Notice the colored circles that identify each line
Metro Lines 1 and 14 Notice the colored circles that identify each line
Just follow the arrow.

This sign also gives us Bus info with the bus numbers.

 Line A with each terminus station
Metro 1 and 14 again with each terminus station


Notice with RER line A that it actually gives you 5 (five) stations. That is because there are branch lines. RER and Metro lines info-boardsTwo stations are East of Paris: Boissy Saint Leger and Marne La Vallee-Chessy (which is where Disneyland is), and three stations are West of Paris: Saint Germain en Laye, Cergy-Prefecture and Poissy. Click here for a RER map and detailed instructions.

The point is… for any station IN Paris, you can get on any of these trains. BUT, for specific stations OUTSIDE of Paris, you MUST board the proper branch line. The picture below shows an overhead sign with little white markers to the left of the stations where the train STOPS.

Suburban train info-board displaying all stop. This is an RER D train leaving from the gare de Lyon, ParisThis is an overhead screen for the RER Line D (top left-hand corner). This one is heading to Corbeil Essonnes and underneath are all the stops it’ll be making. Make sure your stop is displayed

Notice that each RER also has a name (“ROVA” in this case … a little hard to see but it’s right under the name). These names correspond to a set itinerary. If you use the train system often… all you need to know is the name of your train. Especially handy when you arrive on the platform just before the doors are about to close. A quick peek at the name… and you know if it’s your train or not.

The Metro has similar signs but, of course, they stop at EVERY station. There’s an itinerary list of all the stations on a given Line both in the stations and above each door in each coach of every metro.

Paris Metro lines with terminal stationsMetro 5 and 8 with each terminus station.
For instance, if your destination station is between the station where you are and Bobigny… then you need to get on the Metro for Bobigny.

Below is the typical Metro sign that you’ll see around Paris indicating the presence of a Metro station. Click here for a map of all the Metro stations and more travel details.


CDG airport shuttle. Orly airport shuttle. Beauvais airport shuttle personalized service

BonjourLaFrance recommends getting a Paris Visite pass to travel around Paris.

1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days for zones 1-3 (inside Paris). The 1-5 zone Paris Visite Pass includes travel to Versailles, Disneyland as well as Roissy CDG and Orly airports).

It includes unlimited travel on the metrobus, tram, and RER.

In addition, you receive discounts at various museums and locations around Paris.

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