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    Namur is the main railway station serving Namur, Belgium. The station is used by about 20 thousand people every day which makes it the eighth-busiest station in Belgium and the busiest in Wallonia. It has the following service: InterCity (IC) Suburbain (S) Omnibus (L) Heure de pointe (P)

    Namur’s train station is a short walk (600m) north of la Corbeille, the historical centre.
    It’s geographic coordinates are 50° 28′ 09″N, 4° 51′ 45″E with 11 tracks and 6 platforms. Its altitude is 90 meters.

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    National Trains - TGV, Intercite:

    Intercity services
    IC-16 - Brussels - Namur - Arlon - Luxembourg
    IC-17 - Brussels Airport - Brussels-Luxembourg - Namur - Dinant (weekdays)
    IC-17 - Brussels - Namur - Dinant (weekends)
    IC-18 - Brussels - Namur - Liege (weekdays)
    IC-19 - Lille - Tournai - Saint-Ghislain - Mons - Charleroi - Namur
    IC-25 - Mons - Charleroi - Namur - Huy - Liege (weekdays)
    IC-25 - Mouscron - Tournai - Saint-Ghislain - Mons - Charleroi - Namur - Huy - Liege - Liers (weekends)

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    Regional Trains - Intercite, TER:

    Local services
    L-01 - Namur - Huy - Liège
    L-08 - Ottignies - Gembloux - Namur
    L-11 - Namur - Dinant - Bertrix - Libramont
    L-14 - Ottignies - Fleurus - Charleroi - Tamines - Namur – Jambes
    L-16 - Namur - Assesse (- Ciney)

    Local Bus, Trams and Inter-city Coach Transport:

    Local Buses are available with TEC Namur – Luxembourg
    1. Velaine - Jambes - Centre-ville - Gare de Namur - Saint-Marc – Saint-Marc
    2b. Amée - Jambes - Centre-ville - Gare de Namur - Beau Vallon
    3. La Plante - Gare de Namur - Salzinnes - La Citadelle
    5. Clinique Saint-Élisabeth - Gare de Namur - Centre-ville - CHR - Plomcot – Beez
    6b. Gare de Namur - Salzinnes - Zoning Industriel Namur-Ouest - Malonne
    7. Gare de Namur - Bouge (Chaussée de Louvain) - Clinique Saint-Luc - Bouge (Sainte-Rita/Pêcherie)
    8R. Namur (at the Bus Station) - Jambes (Place Joséphine-Charlotte, Erpent) / Jambes (Place de Wallonie, Namur) - Froidebise - Erpent (Collège Notre-Dame de la Paix)
    9. Jambes (Amée - Place de Wallonie) - Namur (Downtown - Gare de Namur) - Belgrade - Flawinne - Floriffoux
    11. Jambes (Athénée royal - Gare de Jambes - Place Joséphine-Charlotte) - Namur (Downtown - Gare de Namur) - Saint-Servais
    24. Gare de Namur - Vedrin - Daussoulx
    27. Salzinnes (Balances - NamueExpo) - Namur (Gare de Namur - IATA) - Bouge - Champion (Institut de la Providence) - Vedrin
    33. Gare de Namur - Heuvy – Pied-Noir
    50. Gare de Namur - Plomcot - Beez
    51. Gare de Namur - Salzinnes
    65. Gare de Namur - Jambes (Place de Wallonie)
    71. Salzinnes (ISAN - NamurExpo) - Namur (Gare de Namur) - Saint-Servais - Belgrade – Flawinne
    80. Namur (Gare de Namur) - Jambes (Avenur Bovesse - ISMJ - Gare de Jambes)
    89. Namur (Gare de Namur) - Jambes (Place de Wallonie) - Gare de Jambes - Gare de Jambes-Est) - Naninne (Zoning Namur-sud)

    Car: Taxis, Rentals, Parking, Passenger drop-off:

    Paid parking is available
    Taxis are available

    Bicycles, Motorcycles: Rentals, parking:

    Free bicycle parking
    Blue-bike, you can easily get from the train station to your final destination and back. Place your Blue-bike card on the card reader; the bike will be yours until you return to the station.

    Services available:

    Refreshment bar

    Reduced Mobility:

    Free wheel chair at your disposal
    Mobile access ramp
    Disabled parking space Number of spaces: 2
    Elevated platform
    Lavatory for disabled
    Platform elevator
    Welcome point
    Induction loop

    - Assistance available for mobility imparaired persons: Every day, 24 hours a day.
    - Book your assistance by phone at the Contact Centre: 02/528 28 28 (open every day from 7.00 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.) or online at least 24 hours in advance for any journey (with or without - connections)
    -The wheelchair (including the user) may weigh up to 300 kg and may measure up to 75 cm wide by 120 cm long.

    Luggage Storage :

    Automatic Luggage lockers

    Lost & Found:

    If you have lost something on the train or at a station, report it as quickly as possible, via a ticket office or via the form available on
    The SNCB maintains registers of lost, abandoned or unclaimed objects and of goods brought to a station. The SNCB also records all lost property requests.
    In so doing, it can help you to find your lost object. A legal period of 50 days is provided for this purpose.

    If you find lost property, please make our staff on board or in a station aware, and they will undertake to restore it to its owner.

    Questions? Here are the Answers:

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