Gare de Montpellier-Saint-Roch Train Station

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    The train station Montpellier-Saint-Roch is a French railway station located in the town of Montpellier, in the department: Herault, in the region: Occitanie. It serves SNCF trains and its latitude and longitude geographic coordinates are 43° 36′ 17″ North, 3° 52′ 52″ East.

    It is served by the AVE, TGV, iDTGV, Ouigo, Intercites and TER and is on the train line Tarascon Sete-Ville and Paulhan Montpellier with 6 (A to F) tracks and 4 (2 side plus 2 central) platforms.

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    Ticket Counters and Distributors:

    Mondays to Fridays: 7h00 > 19h30
    Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 8h00 > 19h00

    • Automatic rail ticket distributors available at this station.
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    Regional Trains - Intercite, TER:

    TER Occitanie

    Local Bus, Trams and Inter-city Coach Transport:

    TAM, website

    • Ligne 1: Tour de l'Ecusson - Eglise Saint-Denis
    • Ligne 2: Octroi de Palavas - Gare ferroviaire - Eglise Saint-Denis - Place de la Comedie - Rue de la Loge - Rue Foch - Peyrou - Faubourg Saint-Jaumes
    • Ligne 3: Place de la Comedie - Esplanade - Abattoirs - Cimetiere Saint-Lazare - Mairie de Castelnau-le-Lez
    • Ligne 4 Gare de Palavas - Place de la Comedie - Eglise Saint-Denis - Cours Gambetta - Octroi de Lodeve - Celleneuve

    Urban Bus
    TAM, website

    • 6: Pas du Loup • Rondelet • Observatoire • Pitot • Pierre Viala • Alco • Chateau d'Ô • Val d'Aurelle
    • 7: Hotel du Departement • Lycee Jean Monnet • Chateau d'Ô • Cervantes • Maison des Sports • Observatoire • Rondelet • Lycee Jules Ferry • Tonnelles • La Martelle • Les Bouisses
    • 8: Place Carnot • College des Aiguerelles • Cite de l'Arme
    • 11: Les Bouisses • Pas du Loup • Plan Cabanes • Saint-Denis • Observatoire • Garosud (La Jeune Parque) • TAM • Saint-Cleophas • Place Carnot • Cite de l'Arme • Marche Gare • Tournezy
    • 12: Catalpas • Razeteurs • Place Carnot • Gare Saint-Roch

    Herault Transport, website

    • 101 - Station Tramway Notre Dame de Sablassou / Castelnau le Lez - Lunel - Marsillargues
    • 102 - Station Tramway Sabines / Montpellier - Mireval - Frontignan - Sete
    • 103/104 - Beziers - Pezenas - Montagnac - Meze - Loupian - Bouzigues - Gigean - Station Tramway St Jean le Sec / St Jean de Vedas
    • 103/312 - Station Tramway St Jean le Sec / St Jean de Vedas - Fabregues RD613 - Gigean - Poussan
    • 104 - Pezenas - Montagnac - Meze - Loupian - Bouzigues - Station Tramway Sabines Montpellier par Autoroute
    • 106 - Montpellier Station Place de France - Carnon - Le Petit Travers - Le Grand Travers - La Grande Motte - Le Grau du Roi - Aigues Mortes
    • 107 - Montpellier Station Boirargues - Mauguio - Candillargues - Mudaison - Lansargues - St Just - Valergues - Lunel - Marsillargues
    • 108 - Station Tramway Occitanie / Montpellier - St Gely du Fesc - Les Matelles - Viols en Laval - Viols le Fort - St Martin de Londres - Notre Dame de Londres - Ganges - Le Vigan
    • 110 - Station Tramway St Eloi / Montpellier - Assas - Guzargues - Ste Croix de Quintillargues
    • 111- Station Tramway G. Pompidou / Castelnau le Lez - Teyran - St Drezery - Montaud - St Bauzille de M. -Buzignargues - Galargues - Garrigues - Campagne - St Jean de Cornies - St Hilaire de B.
    • 112 - Station Tramway Notre Dame de Sablassou / Castelnau le Lez - Castries - St Genies des M. - Restinclieres - Sussargues - Beaulieu - Saussines - Boisseron - Sommieres
    • 114 - Station Tramway Occitanie / Montpellier - St Clement de Riviere - St Vincent de Barbeyrargues
    • 115 - Station Tramway Occitanie / Montpellier - St Jean de Cuculles - St Mathieu de Treviers - Valflaunes - Lauret - Sauteyrargues - Vacquieres - Corconne - Quissac
    • 116 - Station Tramway Occitanie / Montpellier - Combaillaux - Murles
    • 117 - Montpellier - Montarnaud - Vailhauques
    • 125 - Montpellier - St Aunes
    • 131 - Montpellier station Garcia Lorca - Palavas Les Flots
    • 301/381 - Montpellier - Gignac - St Felix de Lodez - Lodeve - Millau L 381
    • 302- Clermont l'Herault - Ceyras - St Andre de Sangonis - Gignac - St Paul et Valmalle - Montpellier
    • 303/485 - Montpellier - Gignac - Clermont l'Herault - Bedarieux - Lamalou les Bains - St Pons de Thomieres
    • 305 - Montpellier - Gignac - Popian - St Bauzille de la Sylve - Pouzols - Le Pouget - Canet - Aspiran
    • 306 - Montpellier - Clermont l'Herault - Nebian - Lieuran - Cabrieres - Peret - Fontes
    • 308 - Clermont l'Herault - Joncquieres - Montpeyroux - St Jean de Fos - St Guilhem le desert - Aniane - Gignac - Montpellier
    • 312 - St Jean de Vedas / Station St Jean le Sec - Fabregues - Gigean - Poussan - Montbazin - Villeveyrac - St Pargoire - Campagnan - Paulhan - Adissan
    • 313 - Montpellier - St Paul et Valmalle - Aumelas - Vendemian - Plaissan - Puilacher - Tressan - Belarga
    Shuttles: Downtown, Airport, Nearby Sights, Resorts:
    • 120 - Airport Shuttle: Aeroport Montpellier Mediterranee

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    Car: Taxis, Rentals, Parking, Passenger drop-off:
    • There is parking for cars

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    Reduced Mobility:

    Accessibility: Reduced Mobility: Call 'Acces Plus' 48 hours in advance of travel to enquire and reserve: +33 (0)8 90 64 06 50 available from 6:00am - midnight. For assistance boarding your train, arrive at the platform at least 30 minutes before departure time. Wheelchairs and boarding ramps are available if required.

    Luggage Storage :

    Office: At the end of the NEF, the high ceiling hall, next to the entry Pont de Lattes
    Open hours: Mondays > Sundays: 9:00 - 20:00

    There are 3 locker sizes:

    • Small: Height 433 mm, Width 347 mm, Depth 824 mm
    • Medium: H 591 mm, W 347 mm, D 824 mm
    • Large: H 908 mm, W 519 mm, D 824 mm

    Tariff: 5.50€, 7.50€ and 9.50€ respectively for the first 24 hours and 5€ for each additional 24h

    Lost & Found:

    Declare your lost property. Give a precise description. An email will confirm your claim:

    1. Internet: Create or use your account and declare your claim This page is in French but is accessible from anywhere ... especially when you're visiting France and Europe.
    2. Telephone: +33 (0) 8 92 35 35 35 (open 7/7 from 8h00 to 20h00 to answer questions and register your claim) or in France 36 35 (0,40 € / minute) then #22
    3. At a train station: see the map at the bottom of this page for station details

    A national database registers all lost and found objects in real time. Search for your object will continue for one monnth. There's a charge of 5/10 Euros, depending on object's value, for restitution of an item.

    Another national lost and found service can be found here

    Questions? Here are the Answers:

    Got a question about train travel in France and Europe? Click here and get the answer.

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