Paris Metro

How to use the Paris Metro

The Paris Metro is a rail network comprised of 16 lines with over 300 stops.

At over 130 miles long, the Metro is mostly underground – differing from the RER network which is both underground and at ground level. The map above displays the Paris Metro Stations. You’ll notice that the Paris Metro map has a grid: “A to H” horizontally and “1 to 8” vertically.

We recommend getting a Paris Visite pass to travel around Paris. 1, 2, 3 or 5 consecutive days for zones 1-3 (inside Paris) or 1-5 (includes Versailles, Disneyland, and CDG, Orly airports). Unlimited travel on the metro, bus, and RER.

Below this text about the Paris Metro Map, you’ll find the Paris Metro stations listed with their grid coordinates. This will help you plan your trip and learn how the Paris Metro works. Each Paris Metro line has a:

  1. Name simply designated by its two terminal stations (Pont de Levallois – Gallieni) See map below in the squares: “C2” and “H4”
  2. A color (for Pont de Levallois – Gallieni it is a sort of khaki
  3. A number (3) which is presented in a circle with the color of the line

The direction you should take when you get on a metro is designated by the terminal station –

  • So, if you get on at Malhesherbes (C3) and want to travel to Wagram (C2) you would take Direction “Pont de Levallois”.
  • If you wanted to go to Europe (D3) you’d take Direction “Gallieni”.
  • If you wanted to go to Monceau (C3) on the blue line 2, you’d go to Villiers then change to line 2 Direction “Porte Dauphine”…the terminal station.

Metro Frequency:

The frequency is about every 3 minutes. Depending on the line and the time of day. During rush hours they can run 1 per minute. So, you don’t need to run… there’s always a Metro. They operate from about 5h00 to midnight.

Ticket Prices:

Here are the prices for Metro tickets… better to buy a pack if you’ve got a certain amount of traveling to do. You can always use them the next time you come to Paris (even if the price has increased)!

  • 1 Metro/RER (within Paris) ticket costs 1.90€ (as of December 2017)
  • The price of a pack of 10 Metro/RER tickets is 14.50€ (saving over 25%)
  • Children under 4 years travel free
  • Children 4-10 pay full fare for a single ticket. But, you can buy a pack of 10 Metro/RER tickets for half price.

Now you’re ready to explore Paris. Frankly, the metro is the quickest way to get around… even if it is underground and you don’t get to “see” Paris!

P.S. Remember you can get a special Paris Metro and all transport Pass called Paris Visite This is perfect for visiting Paris and its regions and gives you access to the buses and Metro.

For transport options to Charles de Gaulle or Orly Airport head to the Paris Airports Shuttle Services. For more information and a list of French train stations, please click here.

Paris map for Metro, RER, Tramway