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Channel Crossing Getaway Offer – Depart from the UK or France

If you’re traveling to France by car then ACT NOW to get the best Channel Crossing Offer. Up to 4 days of fun, enjoyment or business in France or the UK You’ve always wanted to visit Brittany or Normandy. Then, what better than a channel crossing to France? It’s probably time for a break …… Read more »

Getting to Burgundy

Like many of us, my discovery of Burgundy began in a car. Driving seemed to be the most easy way to get to and around this vast region Years ago, on my earliest holiday visits to France, a drive anywhere south of Calais was a tortuous affair with the drivers of Paris waiting to introduce me… Read more »

Plunge into Thalassotherapy – Wellbeing for a Tired Body

Water and Fitness – Spa treatments for body and mind, fitness, thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy Thalassotherapy, the very wellspring of wellbeing. Water, and especially seawater in thalassotherapy, does you so much good. Do you now about its great virtues? A body plunged into warm water becomes 80% lighter, taking the weight off the joints. Relieved of the… Read more »

Where can I Store my Bags in Paris & France? 1 hour, day, week

Luggage storage is one of the most frequent questions we get at BonjourLaFrance. Here are some solutions. The most readily available places for lugguage storage are your arrival and departure points: train stations and airports. There can be automatic lockers and/or manual handling. In French these are known as ‘consignes’. Here are the details to go… Read more »

Special France Travel Deals – A Must Read Before you Prepare Your Trip

Special France Travel deals - Read before you prepare your trip

Special France travel deals. Tips for not only the best prices but also the best quality deals in France and Europe. This post about special France travel deals is designed to make your mouth water. To throw some easy ideas your way for you to consider during the planning and preparation process for your next… Read more »

France, Rail Hub of Europe – The Gateway to Europe Train Travel

France rail hub of Europe. Train map with lines for Eurostar, Thalys, ICE Germany, Lyria Switzerland, TGV Italia Italy and TGV Spain for Spain

France rail hub – Train Travel to/from/in France and Europe France rail hub of European Trains is your natural starting point for your rail adventure. Because of France’s central position and having common borders with the largest and most populous European nations, all European trains transit via France. France has reciprocal rail agreements with each of… Read more »

Your Airline Baggage – Tips for Comfort

Your Airline Baggage – Everything you should know before leaving to improve safety, comfort and punctuality levels. Rules limit what you can carry in your hand luggage (checked luggage is unaffected) when departing from EU airports. More stringent controls are in effect. This is especially important if travelling from countries where more weight might be allowed. Liquids will… Read more »

Flags of France – Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

The National Flag of France Also known in French as the drapeau tricolore, drapeau bleu-blanc-rouge, drapeau français, rarely, le tricolore and, in military parlance, les couleurs is a tricolour featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white, and red. The national flag of France is known to English speakers as the French tricolor (American… Read more »

France Statistics – Prepare your adventure to France with some Facts

France statistics: The highest (ski area), the longest (beach), the number of (cheeses, bakeries) … Prepare your adventure with some basic France statistics about the country. France statistics are obviously continually changing… but these will give you a good idea of interesting facts about France Total area: 551 100 km2 of territory (appr. 180,000 sq…. Read more »