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Train Companies in Europe for comfortable city-center to city-center travel. Carbon-conscious sight-seeing for business or leisure passengers. Our rail partner will give you all the scheduling options and best prices for secure online booking. Where to buy tickets and reservations securely, in your own language and be assured of excellent client service. You’ll learn when to book, how to book, service levels, luggage allowance, food on-board, Reduced mobility access, pets You’ll find detailed information about Highspeed, Regional, Local, Cross-border and Overnight trains in the following countries. There are also tourist trains in a number of countries which take you to inaccessible places with the most delightful scenery.

FRANCE: Intercite, TER, TGV, Thalys to Belgium and Holland, TGV to Italy, TGV to Spain. TGV Lyria to Switzerland and Eurostar to the UK.
AUSTRIA: CityJet, ICE, Intercity, ÖBB, and RailJet.
BELGIUM: Intercity.
GERMANY: EuroCity, ICE, InterCity, and Regional.
HOLLAND: Intercity.
ITALY: FrecciaBianca, FrecciArgento, FrecciaRossa, Intercity, and Regional.
SPAIN: Alta Velocidad Espanola (AVE), Media Distancia, Regional and Local.
SWITZERLAND: EuroCity, InterCity, and Regional

    • 1921_Spain-Media-distancia-Caldes-de-Malavella

    Media Distancia – Spain

    • 1923_Spain-regional
    • Italy-Regional-train

    Regional – Italy

    • 1917_800px-RENFE_AVE_Velaro_2013

    TGV France-Spain

    • 1919_Spain-AVE-high-speed-train-at-Cordoba

    AVE – Alta Velocidad Spain

    • Italy-Frecciabianca-at-Cattolica-railway-station

    Frecciabianca – Italy

    • 1913_Trenitalia-Intercity-Brindisi

    Intercity – Italy

    • 1909_Italy-Frecciargento-at-Venezia-Santa-Lucia-railway-station

    Frecciargento – Italy

    • Austria-OBB-CityJet-interior

    Cityjet – Austria

    • 1905_TGV-Duplex1-credit-Railteam

    TGV Italy-France

    • 1907_Italy-Frecciarossa-red-arrow-high-speed-train

    Frecciarossa – Italy

    • OBB-railjet-credit-Railteam

    OBB railjet – Austria

    • Austria-OBB-Eurocity

    EuroCity – Austria

    • Austria-OBB-Intercity-departure

    Intercity – Austria

    • 1891_Switzerland-Intercity

    Intercity – Switzerland

    • 1893_Switzerland-Regional-Zurich-Thurgau

    Regional – Switzerland

    • Austria-OBB-ICE-T

    ICE – Austria

    • 1885_Germany-Regional-express

    Regional – Germany

    • 1887_South-East-Renov-Lyria-credit-Railteam

    TGV Lyria – Switzerland

    • 1889_Switzerland-SBB-Eurocity-Salgesch

    Eurocity – Switzerland

    • 1879_ice-germany

    ICE – Germany

    • 1881_Germany-Eurocity-in-Montreux

    Eurocity – Germany

    • 1883_Germany-Intercity-DB-Minden

    Intercity – Germany

    • 1873_Belgium-intercity-train


    • 1875_Thalys_trains

    Thalys – France-Belgium-Holland

    • 1877_Holland-Intercity-train

    Intercity – Holland

    • 1865_South-East-Renov-Lyria-credit-Railteam-1

    TGV Lyria – France-Switzerland

    • 1867_TGV-Duplex1-credit-Railteam

    TGV – France-Italy

    • 1869_800px-RENFE_AVE_Velaro_2013

    TGV – France-Spain

    • 1871_Thalys_trains

    Thalys – France-Belgium-Holland