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    Deluxe train in red/white/red

    When it comes to comfort, the ÖBB cityjet sets a new standard. The fully air-conditioned train will be equipped with high-comfort seats manufactured on the basis of the results of passenger surveys (ÖBB seat test). The so-called Austria seats include an adjustable seat cushion, ergonomic headrests and armrests. Each seat will be equipped with a reading lamp, an electrical outlet and a foldout laptop table.
    For passenger information, the ÖBB cityjet is equipped with information screens measuring up to 26 inches which will provide passengers with current, up-to-date information.

    Access at the platform level

    Comfortable low floor entrances allow for easy access without steps or ramps. Wide portals, open and quiet junctions, as well as strong colour contrasts for the visually impaired facilitate rail travel for persons with limited mobility.

    Elegant design

    In the train sets with their red/white/red exterior, lighting design and accentuated fittings create various options for usage, such as communication, work, or relaxation. A service zone offers room for wheelchair users, strollers and bicycles. With this, ÖBB addresses the diverse needs of different passengers.

    S-Bahn and regional transport version

    The ÖBB cityjet will have two versions with three cars each. The 31 train sets which are to be used for S-Bahn operation – in particular in the Vienna area – each offer 244 seats and six access doors per train side. The regional train version has 259 seats and four access doors per side.

    There are:
    8 stroller spaces
    2 wheelchair spaces per train end
    18 bicycle spaces

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    When to Book:

    Booking opens from 120 to 90 days before departure. Purchases can be made up to time of departure by ordering if e-tickets that you can print out yourself are available.

    How to easily and safely book your tickets:

    Tickets can be purchased before departure: at ticket machines, at the ticket counter at a station, as a "Handy-Ticket" using your mobile phone or as an online ticket via the 'Book Now' button on BonjourLaFrance.

    If it is not possible to purchase a ticket at the boarding station (e.g. because there are no ticket machines available or working) a ticket must be purchased immediately after boarding either at the ticket machine on the train (at one end of the train), or by seeking out the train crew to purchase a ticket, as soon as you are able to.

    Where to Book your Tickets and Reservations:

    Click your country link 90 days before you travel for the most savings and peace of mind. To book a train pick your country of reference below. Buy all your Tickets online. CLICK on the link for your home country to see information in your language and check Real Time Schedules, Prices and Travel Times and make A SECURE PURCHASE.

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    Service Levels:

    Modern regional transport. Cityjet is fully air-conditioned with adjustable seats, ergonomic headrests and armrests. Each seat is equipped with a reading lamp, an electrical outlet and a fold-out laptop table. On the ÖBB Cityjet, passenger information is provided via 26 inch information screens.

    TheÖBB Cityjet addresses the different needs of passengers. Through the use of various types of lighting and equipment, different usage areas (such as communication, work, relaxation) were created in these trains featuring a design in red-white-red

    Mobility Access:

    A service zone offers room for wheelchair users, pushchairs and bicycles. Comfortable low-floor entrances allow easy access without stairs or ramps. Wide portals, open and quiet passages, as well as strong colour contrasts for the visually impaired make travelling by rail easier for persons with limited mobility.


    Take everything along that you need - or simply send your luggage ahead of time with Haus-Haus-Gepäck Plus. With therail courier package, we transport your parcels 365 days a year. And at many train stations, lockers are available to store your luggage.

    Lost Property:

    ÖBB is happy to assist you in finding lost objects. Naturally, our search will extend to all areas of the Austrian Federal Railways, however, we recommend you to also contact the next police station, if you have lost any valuables. If you have lost or found something, simply contact one of the Lost + Found Service Centres in Austria. Either personally, by email or phone.

    Mungos has got 6 lost + found offices in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Villach, Bruck an der Mur and Innsbruck. For enquiries please call our lost + found hotline on +43 1 93000-22 2 22 from Monday to Thursday from 07:30 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:30 as well as Fridays from 07:30 to 13:30. Found items can be picked up at our offices during the above office hours, or we can send you your property by mail within Austria (freight forward).

    Food Service:

    There is no onboard restaurant


    It is possible to travel with your cat or dog on most ÖBB trains. Note the following rules for the transport of live animals:
    Small and harmless animals can be taken along free of charge in suitable transport containers. If you take an animal along which cannot be transported as hand luggage in a transport container, you will have to pay a fare for your pet. Assistance dogs registered in a certificate of disability can travel along on the train for free.

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