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French Gastronomy

French cuisine is characterized by its extreme diversity. In that, it can only be compared to Chinese cuisine or the cuisine of India. Traditionally, each region of France have their own distinctive cuisine: Cuisine from northwest France uses butter, cream (crème fraiche), and apples; Cuisine from northeastern France is reminiscent of German cuisine and uses lard, sausages, beer and […]

How to Taste French Wine

Tasting the Wines 1. No special science is required to appreciate a good thing. Tasting French wines is always an enjoyable experiment. but a little knowledge helps one to get the most out of it. The first step is to look at the wine in the glass. See how bright it looks; compare the different […]

Kir, Cheese, Desserts

The ‘Kir’© is Burgundian, let nobody tell you otherwise. It was invented by Canon Kir who for many years was Deputy Mayor of Dijon. The ‘invention’ brought together two local ingredients…Creme de Cassis (the blackcurrant liqueur produced in Dijon) and the wine produced from Aligoté grape (which is the only other white grape grown in […]

Cuisine Scene

Normandy is haute-cuisine heaven for food lovers and visitors seeking authentic culinary experiences. Famous for its dairy products, like butter, milk, cream and cheese, the region is also world wide renowned for its apples. Most restaurants in Normandy will use locally sourced products. . Some producers are delighted to welcome visitors, from the Camembert Cheese […]

Burgundy Festivals

There’s been much talk of food and wine. Essential as they are to any holiday in Burgundy. Part of the art of good living and ‘richness’ of the region is the ambiance and the festivals that make this such a colorful place to spend an entire vacation or a few days. There are so many…. […]

Vineyards and Wines

The wines of Burgundy are a never-ending story. Their presence is written large on every page of the golden book of Burgundian history. They are the soul of Burgundy. But more than that, they lie at the heart of a regional economy which over the years has grown in step with the ever-growing renown of […]

Tastes of France — Direct from the Producers

There’s nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice and baked bread right out of the oven … right? Well, in France you can go one step further and pick it off the tree or get it straight out of the ground and then turn it into a mouth-watering delight Around the country there are literally thousands of […]

Snooze … from Budget Hostels to Comfy Castles

Lodging - from luxury to camping and everything in between

Snoozing, sleeping in the best conditions while on vacation is a must. Holidays and leisure getaways are a time for renewal, refreshment and a new lease of life. Certainly excellent lodgings with quality beds and sleeping linens are a fundamental part of the preparation. BonjourLaFrance partners with a number of options. These are tried and tested […]

Good Restaurants in France – Scrumptiously Mouthwatering

Good restaurants in France - Le Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon - a historic landmark to wine and dine

You’ve go to eat … a necessary but pleasurable pastime: Whether it’s a good restaurant, gourmet picnic by a riverside, a boating lake or in the forest, even a country auberge. whether it’s a lively pub or a little cafe, whenever you choose to eat you’ll always find remarkable value in France and French cuisine. Eating in France […]