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Channel Crossing Getaway Offer – Depart from the UK or France

If you’re traveling to France by car then ACT NOW to get the best Channel Crossing Offer. Up to 4 days of fun, enjoyment or business in France or the UK You’ve always wanted to visit Brittany or Normandy. Then, what better than a channel crossing to France? It’s probably time for a break … […]

Great Outdoors in Normandy

This tapestry of coast, forests, countryside and water in Normandy provides a seemingly unlimited diversity of outdoor activities. Whether by foot, horseback, canoe, kite surf, parachute, visitors to Normandy get the best of what we have to offer – the Great Outdoors. On your bike Quiet country roads, forest tracks and dedicated cycle paths make […]

About Normandy

Normandy is made up of five rich and varied counties which offer each visitor something unique. Each has its own characteristics and is identified by a number which figures both in the post code addresses and on car number plates. Calvados 14 Eure 27 Manche 50 Orne 51 Seine Maritime 76 Calvados (14) Bears the name […]

Water Activities in Burgundy

Green Burgundy Holidays There are so many things to see and do in this rich region that you can use your entire holiday pursuing your particular interest or, enjoy a little of everything that Burgundy has to offer. These are just some ideas… The choice is yours… Ideas : Sailing, surfing and water skiing Many […]

French Gastronomy

French cuisine is characterized by its extreme diversity. In that, it can only be compared to Chinese cuisine or the cuisine of India. Traditionally, each region of France have their own distinctive cuisine: Cuisine from northwest France uses butter, cream (crème fraiche), and apples; Cuisine from northeastern France is reminiscent of German cuisine and uses lard, sausages, beer and […]

Off the Beaten Track

Small towns and medieval villages with character Beside rivers, lakes and forests, the Burgundian countryside offers its visitors a great number of small towns and mediaeval villages with character. Some of them (Avallon, Joigny, Vézelay) are mentioned in Urban splendor, but Clamecy, La Charité-sur-Loire, Tonnerre, Châtillon-sur-Seine, Mont-Saint-Vincent, Semur-en-Brionnais are also worth a visit and following […]

Castles and Castles

The region is also dotted with impressive castles, many of which are open to visitors. Many are ‘chateaux forts’ when defence was a priority. Others reflect the Renaissance period where style was more important. ‘La Rochepot’ is definitely in the defensive league though its marvellous Burgundian roof reflects a somewhat romantic image of medieval times. Châteauneuf is […]

Urban Splendor

The Middle Ages bequeathed to Burgundy a cluster of towns of inestimable beauty. Be it for historical, cultural, architectural or gastronomic reasons, or for the events held annually, they are worth a visit. Autun : “A sister and emulator of Rome”, Augustodunum has preserved important vestiges of the Gallo-Roman period. The sculptures of the cathedral […]

Discover the past

Burgundy Heritage and History It is impossible to explore a region the size of Burgundy during one holiday but, even a short visit will illustrate abundantly the richness of the region’s heritage and the important role it played in European history. This part of France was a main route between north and south Europe. For […]

Holidays afloat

Green Burgundy Holidays There are so many things to see and do in this rich region that you can use your entire holiday pursuing your particular interest or, enjoy a little of everything that Burgundy has to offer. These are just some ideas… The choice is yours… Ideas : Holidays afloat Welcome on board: Spend […]

History & Traditions

For history lovers Normandy truly satisfies in every way. This region is a historical masterpiece full of surprises that might leave you breathless ! Soak in the atmosphere created by an abundance of timbered houses and huge châteaux set in the circuit of a glorious medieval past. Follow the steps of William the Conqueror, Duke […]

Welcome to Normandy

Normandy Legendary, enchanting, revitalising, refreshing… Normandy pleasures the senses and stimulates the mind, making you feel relaxed and refreshed after a perfect break. Normandy is a perfect blend of coastal and inland culture with five rich and varied counties which offer each visitor something unique. : The region’s location in the Northwest of France offers […]

Prestigious Parks & Gardens

Normandy is a horticultural heaven and boasts an extraordinary number of parks and gardens open to the public. A wide range of garden styles are displayed, from simple cottage gardens to grand, formal schemes via walled kitchen gardens, botanical collections, subtropical plantations, landscaped “English style” gardens and authentic French Gardens. Refresh your spirit amid the […]

Inspiring Scenery of Impressionism

Turner, Monet, Sisley You will truly find your own inspiration in scenery that captured the hearts of Turner, Monet, Sisley and many others in the 19th century. The breathtaking views, the unusual pearlized light and the stunning colors remain the same today. Normandy was, for most artists, their birthplace and home. Its proximity to Paris […]

Kir, Cheese, Desserts

The ‘Kir’© is Burgundian, let nobody tell you otherwise. It was invented by Canon Kir who for many years was Deputy Mayor of Dijon. The ‘invention’ brought together two local ingredients…Creme de Cassis (the blackcurrant liqueur produced in Dijon) and the wine produced from Aligoté grape (which is the only other white grape grown in […]

Cuisine Scene

Normandy is haute-cuisine heaven for food lovers and visitors seeking authentic culinary experiences. Famous for its dairy products, like butter, milk, cream and cheese, the region is also world wide renowned for its apples. Most restaurants in Normandy will use locally sourced products. . Some producers are delighted to welcome visitors, from the Camembert Cheese […]

Burgundy Festivals

There’s been much talk of food and wine. Essential as they are to any holiday in Burgundy. Part of the art of good living and ‘richness’ of the region is the ambiance and the festivals that make this such a colorful place to spend an entire vacation or a few days. There are so many…. […]

Getting to Burgundy

Like many of us, my discovery of Burgundy began in a car. Driving seemed to be the most easy way to get to and around this vast region Years ago, on my earliest holiday visits to France, a drive anywhere south of Calais was a tortuous affair with the drivers of Paris waiting to introduce me […]

Family Fun Favorites in Normandy

Normandy is one of the premiere destinations for non-stop, kid-friendly adventures. From the seaside coast to the fantastic countryside, families will discover a multitude of outdoor recreation, outstanding parks and gardens, rivers and beaches, spectacular sightseeing, historical landmarks and much more. The sheer number of museums and galleries can be overwhelming, so set your sights […]

Vineyards and Wines

The wines of Burgundy are a never-ending story. Their presence is written large on every page of the golden book of Burgundian history. They are the soul of Burgundy. But more than that, they lie at the heart of a regional economy which over the years has grown in step with the ever-growing renown of […]

City Breaks in Normandy

Time for a real culture break in Normandy–a stone’s throw from Paris–but soooo refreshing Alençon Situated on the crossroads between the routes from Brittany to Paris and from Belgium to the Loire Valley, Alençon is an ideal stopover point for visitors travelling further afield, yet also offers much worth spending time to visit. Once known […]

Tourist Routes in Normandy

Take your pick from among 17 tourist itineraries: Wine Roads punctuated by renowned vineyards, Historical Routes inviting you to follow in the footsteps of dukes, monks and famous writers. Craft and Nature Trails taking you through the patchwork of the Burgundian countryside, etc… All of these itineraries lead you straight into the heart of the […]

France Events and Festivals to Titillate every Taste

What’s your outstanding Festival or Event? Let’s associate it with one in France. There is always a special occasion in your life that stands out and marks a milestone in your life. It’s an event that your mind comes back to time after time. So it is with Events in France that mark a region or […]

Natural Reserves and Wonders … Lakes, Rivers, Gorges, Wetlands

France National Reserve Parks, Marine Parks and Regional Parks

You’re a nature lover, you’re looking to get lost in greenery and reunite yourself with the down-to-earth pleasures of life. France can offer you preserved open natural spaces. National Reserve Parks, Marine Parks and Regional Parks are close by with botanical gardens and a wide variety of plants The sheer abundance and variety of preserved […]

France Tourist Attractions – Put on Your Siteseeing Shoes

Historic, natural or modern Tourist Attractions, whatever your desire for site-seeing, you’ll discover it in France. From the Paris Flea Market (weekly), to the George Pompidou Center (1972), to the Eiffel Tower (1889) icon of France, to historic Louis XIV Versailles (1682) to mention just a few, Paris and its environ area has enough to keep […]

Contemporary Montpellier on an Electric Bike

Montpellier - Arc de Triomphe

Do and See in France. Discover a unique variety of exciting and sometimes strange sites doing it by bike, donkey, paragliding… How about exploring one of the major Southern cities, doing it on an electric bike while taking in the contemporary work of some of the younger artists. What an experience. Explore, by regular or […]

Chamonix Valley, a Legendary Destination

Mont Blanc Chamonix Valley, Aiguille du Midi

Chamonix Valley – the cradle of Alpinism and Skiing – is known worldwide for its natural beauty. The Chamonix valley rests at the foot of the towering 4800m-high Mont Blanc stretching its open arms to you as a legend waiting to be discovered. Planted in the Alps in France, the valley of Chamonix Mont Blanc is only 15 km […]