Family Fun Favorites in Normandy

Normandy is one of the premiere destinations for non-stop, kid-friendly adventures.

From the seaside coast to the fantastic countryside, families will discover a multitude of outdoor recreation, outstanding parks and gardens, rivers and beaches, spectacular sightseeing, historical landmarks and much more.

Kids love the family activities in Normandy

Kids love the family activities in Normandy

The sheer number of museums and galleries can be overwhelming, so set your sights on just a few that are sure to be a hit with the kids.

Here are just a few suggestions to explore, learn or simply to have great fun with all the family.

Festyland, on the outskirts of Caen is an ideal family attraction, actually themed around some of Normandy’s Historic origins such as the Viking Drakaar Ride.Kids get to learn a lot about the region, and it’s all great fun. To find out more, visit:

More thrills and spills on water can be enjoyed at Cany Barville, between Le Havre and Etretat. If you’re feeling adventurous, sign up for sailing and canoeing the lake at Pont l’Evêque, just off the A13 Motorway.

There are also many pools centres such as the Nautilus in Lisieux, Espace Aquatique at Condé sur Noireau in the Suisse Normande or Centre Park in Verneuil sur Avre in the Eure part of Normandy.

Normandy offers three special animal centres too. Conservation and breeding of endangered species are a priority at Champrepus, near Villedieu Les Poêles, where Madagascar lemurs are the particular interest, simply visit

Cerza, the wild animal kingdom

Cerza, the wild animal kingdom

Unique in Europe, an entirely new concept, the Cerza, the wild animal kingdom, train safari around the grounds to see giraffes, lions, tigers, rhinoceroses and monkeys Cerza Safari Lodge offers the opportunity to awake each day surrounded by animals such as Parma Wallabies (kangaroo family), the muntjac’s (deer), black necked swans, dendrocines, but you will also find lions, bears, wolves among the several rare breads, visit

Game animals in an open setting

Game animals in an open setting

At Jurques on the outskirts of Caen, enjoy the big game animals in an open setting. Check

Enter the fascinating and shivering world of reptiles at Alligator Bay near Mont Saint Michel. Kids will be astonished by the variety of Crocodiles, Alligators, lizards, snakes, iguanas and the farm of 300 tortoises, from the giant Seychelles tortoise to the African spurred ones.

All these fantastic animals exert an almost magical attraction to all of us. For more, visit

Feast your eyes on the enormous saltwater fish tanks, discover the exciting exhibits and visit “Le Redoutable”, the world’s largest submarine open to the public at La Cité de La Mer in Cherbourg.

For your toddlers, nearby lies the enchanted village of Bellefontaine perfect for a day out with forest walks and fairytale scenes.

Most museums, like the Caen Memorial or William theWilliam the Conqueror’s Castle in Falaise, Normandy Conqueror’s Castle in Falaise, also offer kids audio guides and explanations for children.

Normandy is a truly family friendly destination. Make it your own.

credits : Normandy Tourist Board

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