Train Travel in France and Europe

Train travel is all the information to travel to, from and in France


Traveling by train includes bordering countries using the French and European train systems. This includes train stations, train lines, train reservations, luggage storage, lost and found and much more.

Train travel in France - relax and really see the country using the friendliest way to travel.

Train travel is a highly used mode of transport in France and Europe

You’ll find all the information you need to know about all the main rail stations in France. You can locate hundreds of train stations here and find the one nearest your departure and arrival points. Gather all the information, find schedules and best prices and make a safe online reservation.


When you finalize your trip or for real-time timetables, when you know what you want, click your country link 90 days before you travel for the most savings and peace of mind. Buy all your Tickets online. CLICK on the link for your home country to see information in your language and check Real Time Schedules, Prices and Travel Times and make A SECURE PURCHASE.

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Train Stations
Train Tickets: (Visible on ALL train station pages)
  • Train ticket counters and their open hours. Automatic Train Ticket vending machine availability and the type of train tickets sold (National on Intercite trains, Regional tickets on TER, Local tickets on suburban trains and local transport like the metro or tramway).
  • Train ticket links for city-to-city train travel tickets purchased via internet in your country before departure.
  • Train pass links for train passes purchased via internet in your country before departure.
  • Seat reservation links if you already have a train pass, to reserve seats on specific trains before departure. Be sure to tick the box, I have a rail pass.
    • Ticket purchases and reservations for groups of 10 or more travelers with discounts from a dedicated agent in your own language.
  • Great Rail Journeys where everything is organized for you, with your own guide and personalized service.
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