France Events and Festivals to Titillate every Taste

What’s your outstanding Festival or Event? Let’s associate it with one in France.

There is always a special occasion in your life that stands out and marks a milestone in your life. It’s an event that your mind comes back to time after time.

So it is with Events in France that mark a region or a special moment in time. You want to be there, you want to remember, you want to participate.

Lemon festival in Menton, France. One of many fun gatherings.

Lemon festival in Menton, France. One of many fun gatherings.

Here are some of events and festivals you can put on your calendar:

Classical, jazz, traditional and contemporary music, your favorite themes, from inspiring symphony to Brittany Celtic melodies or exhibitions from the bric a brac of the Foire de Paris to the truffles of Perigord or the red carpet stars at Cannes.

Fancy yourself in the arts … as a writer or artist? Quais du Polar is a literary and artistic event devoted to the crime fiction genre for authors and filmmakers that takes place every April in the city of Lyon.

There’s the International Comic Strip Festival in Angouleme each year at the end of January. A gathering of professionals and members of the younger generation. Debates, negotiations, games and a range of activities, with plenty of workshops to satisfy the interest of the curious and connoisseur alike.

So, you’re a family interested in activities with the kids. Then the Somme Bay with its Bird and Nature Festival is just the place to go. It is a public event taking place every year in April offering activities for the whole family for a full period of nine days. Pedagogical friendly guides will introduce your family to the secrets of the natural environment of Picardy, North of Paris. Activities, outings and initiations on horseback, boat or kayak are an ideal way to discover the environment and the ecology. Other sites and activities include many animals and seals, bird-watching, birdsong and the multitude of treasures in the Bay.

Wow, there are so many other themes that it’s difficult to make a choice: GastronomyNational holidaysSporting events like the Monaco Grand Prix, dog-sled races in Savoie or horse jumping in Bordeaux to the Marathons in Paris or Mont St-Michel, the 24 hour Le Mans car bonanza and for tennis buffs one of the planetary get-togethers at Roland Garros. And let’s not forget the world-famous Tour de France held during the summer vacation months of July, always winding up on the Champs Elysees.

Other themes round out the Franc Festival and Events offer. Arts and crafts, Dance and TheatreNature like the Festival of Gardens in Loir-et-Cher illustrated by the small title image, Sound and Light associated with the folklore of the Chateaux de la Loire and Vendee. and the Traditions of Basque, Brittany and Corsica. There are even Unusual events like the Lemon Festival in Menton, in the South of France pictured by the image above … this is the epitome of turning lemons into lemonade!

The choice is endless and yours to make, tie your favorite in with your next trip to France.

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