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Green Burgundy Holidays

There are so many things to see and do in this rich region that you can use your entire holiday pursuing your particular interest or, enjoy a little of everything that Burgundy has to offer.

These are just some ideas… The choice is yours…

Ideas :

Holidays afloat

Welcome on board: Spend a week or a weekend with your family or friends exploring the 800 miles of rivers and canals in Burgundy.

self-hire boats on a canal to discover Burgundy

self-hire boats on a canal to discover Burgundy

What better way to discover the charms of our region than to cruise lazily down the Saône, the Seille or the Yonne, or to wend your way along the Burgundy, Nivernais or Centre canals?

A heaven-sent opportunity to appreciate the simple pleasures of life: the flight of a duck or a heron, the friendly salute of a bargee, the lock-keeper’s cheerful call or a tempting fishing trip.

All those in search of peaceful nature will find the answer to their prayers in the waterways of Burgundy. At the gates of Paris and Lyon, yet far from the crowds and traffic, become a skipper of a comfortably appointed boat

– and cast off on a voyage of discovery!

Hotel barges

Hotel barges, discover Burgundy in luxury and comfort

Hotel barges, discover Burgundy in luxury and comfort

Hotel barges undoubtedly offer you the most luxurious and most comfortable way of discovering Burgundy, its waterways and its unrivalled cuisine. About twenty cruise barges ply up and down the waterways of Burgundy with cruises ranging from 2-7 days.

The barges have a capacity of 6-24 passengers (some cruise-ships have a larger capacity, up to 140 passengers) and provide full-board hotel service and some operators will also arrange transfers to and from airports, special outings, evening entertainment and visits to wine-cellars.

Excursion boats

If you are attracted to the canals and rivers of Burgundy, excursion boats are a very pleasant means to discover part of the region on a short cruise.

Your pilots are in love with the waterways they cruise, they know them in detail, all the anecdotes, stories and history, which will surprise you, amuse you and even make you dream. These boats can welcome from 6 to 200 passengers, offering cruises of an hour, half a day or a whole day.

Certain cruises can serve lunch on board. These boats can equally well satisfy the individual, a family or a large group. Special order programmes may be arranged, but beware, some boats only navigate during the season.

New and environment-friendly : electric boats It is now possible to rent electric boats (for a few hours or a whole day) on the Saône and on the most spectacular part of the Nivernais Canal (tunnels at La Collancelle).

More than twenty companies propose a wide choice of house boats in all Burgundy. For further information, please order the brochure “Boating holidays” published by the Burgundy Tourist Board or consult our website:

credits : Burgundy Tourist Board

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