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For history lovers Normandy truly satisfies in every way. This region is a historical masterpiece full of surprises that might leave you breathless !

Soak in the atmosphere created by an abundance of timbered houses and huge châteaux set in the circuit of a glorious medieval past.

Follow the steps of William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and King of England, relive the emotional journey to the D Day landing Beaches and more.

Norman Art

Visit 42 historic sites and monuments in Normandy

Visit 42 historic sites and monuments in Normandy

Remember, Normandy was a very ancient commercial axis populated by many Gallic tribes. Its location and its coastal frontiers mean that Normandy has been throughout the centuries a focus point of pilgrimages, battles and invasions but also artistic influence on painters, writers and architects.

Such a rich history is reflected in its historic sites and monuments, about 42 of which have grouped together to give visitors a well-resourced insight into Normandy’s past.

The brochure “Sites & Monuments” of Normandy is available on request to discover a wealth of fascinating legacies that have been left behind to surprise and excite visitors.

The Bayeux Tapestry which recounts one of William the Conqueror’s greatest exploits

The Bayeux Tapestry which recounts one of William the Conqueror’s greatest exploits

Amongst Normandy’s famous sons and daughters, the intrepid adventures of William the Conqueror are uppermost. From his birthplace in Falaise to the legendary Bayeux Tapestry which recounts one of his greatest exploits, the presence of William and far reaching influences are fascinating.

Norman Craftsmanship

Normandy is also a region rich in talent and craftsmanship. The old pottery workers in Gers or the Master Builders at the Abbey of Mont St Michel have all left their mark as have the Impressionist painters or the Alençon point lace makers.

The unique house and gardens of the Parc du Bois des Moutiers

Parc du Bois des Moutiers

The noble art of Calvados production is a skill unique to Normans while the combined talents of Lutyens and Jekyll have added a unique “English” dimension to the unique house and gardens of the Parc du Bois des Moutiers.

If your quest is the unusual then look no further. Enjoy the delights of a collection of miniature furniture at the Château de Vendeuvre or explore the ocean’s hidden depths at Cherbourg’s Cité de la Mer. The choice is as varied as the wealth of Normandy’s heritage is almost without bounds.

Look above Normandy’s architectural splendor and fascinating legends, there are details to enjoy for everyone. Normandy is a region of many moods that will entice you back time after time …

credits : Normandy Tourist Board

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