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Contemporary Montpellier on an Electric Bike

Do and See in France. Discover a unique variety of exciting and sometimes strange sites doing it by bike, donkey, paragliding…

How about exploring one of the major Southern cities, doing it on an electric bike while taking in the contemporary work of some of the younger artists. What an experience.

Montpellier street art and a bile tour of the city.

Montpellier street art and a bile tour of the city.

Explore, by regular or electric bike, the must-go-to places from the 21st Century in thriving exhuberant Montpellier. Discover why this urban centre, replete with its architecture and the Mediterranean touch to the daily live of the locals thriving in the city. Join this popular 12km tour with a knowledgeable fun-filled guide.

With UrbanBike City Tour Montpellier’s qualified team, you will discover a side of Montpellier that reveals why it is one of the most forward looking French cities with regard to the 21st Century.

This totally secure itinerary on reserved cycle routes will open your eyes to modern Montpellier. For a couple of hours you’ll meander through an architectural delight and share the daily lives of people living in the city. Biking through Montpellier is the best way to meet local people in their environment and to learn more about them.

Montpellier is one of the largest cities in Southern France, just 10km inland from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. With a population over 250.000, the university city is very youthful with its historical center combines Mediterranean flair and lots of culture, including a vibrant street art scene. There are also the impressive conical towers of the 14th century stately Gothic Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Montpellier.

The highlight of your electric bike tour will be the city’s Antigone district. Forty years after its realization by its original architect, the Spaniard Ricardo Bofill it still remains a masterpiece of urban architecture and design. From the ‘blue ship’ Town Hall (Hotel de Ville) to the RBC Design Centre, a distributor of design furniture and lighting.

And the not-to-be-missed restaurant and fitness complex The Cloud (Le Nuage) designed by Philippe Starck, a technological marvel with its inflated bubble-shaped membrane that envelops the entire building and reflects the ever-changing shimmering light of day or night in all the colors of the rainbow.

Within just a few kilometers of your enjoyable bike tour you’ll be dazzled by these standout contemporary structures.

Everything you need is included: Bike, helmet and lifejacket rental. Local guides and even free baby seats. Regular and Electric Bikes available … if you’ve never used an electric bike, nows your chance to take it for a test run.

A little bit of sport and a lot of culture. Jump on that electric bike.

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