Good restaurants in France - Le Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon - a historic landmark to wine and dine

Good Restaurants in France – Scrumptiously Mouthwatering

You’ve go to eat … a necessary but pleasurable pastime: Whether it’s a good restaurant, gourmet picnic by a riverside, a boating lake or in the forest, even a country auberge.

whether it’s a lively pub or a little cafe, whenever you choose to eat you’ll always find remarkable value in France and French cuisine.

Good restaurants in France - Le Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon - a historic landmark to wine and dine

Good restaurants in France – Le Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon – a historic landmark to wine and dine

Eating in France is much more than ‘consuming food’. Each meal, is a festival of tastes, aromas, textures and flavors all coupled with the social laughter around the table. The ambiance in good restaurants is as much a part of the meal as the food itself.

Here are the exquisite descriptions of two (of thousands) of dining houses where you can go, not for a meal, but for a festive occasion:

Le Balandre

A very rich atmosphere in this well known restaurant in the pretty town of Cahors. rich with golden light, precious and antique objects, an old-style charm.

This richness and authenticity totally corresponds to Gilles Marre’s cuisine, inspired by the Quercy region. The real Quercy region that is, natural, offering products of an almost legendary quality, such as lamb and duck, truffles or nuts.

The atmosphere is special and quiet in the beautiful 1930’s style dining room, where you will meet regulars as well as travellers and occasional tourists, stopping in this place where one feels almost at home.

The ideal gourmet menu is really representative of the young Chef’s creations and his brother Laurent, the sommelier, will suggest adequate although often surprising wines. See you soon at Le Balandre !

Les Orfèvres

It is between the famous Amiens cathedral and the charming Saint-Leu neighbourhood that you will find what is nowadays one of the most famous good restaurants in town: Les Orfèvres.

The décor in the dining room reflects the philosophy of an establishment that you could summarize in two words: simplicity and lightness. The result is a talented mix of bright and sparkling colors, in a room bathing in natural light. This is a friendly restaurant, tasteful and fresh where you will get a privileged welcome you will find hard to resist.

Frédéric Barette’s cuisine is also fresh and delicate, full of flavors, scents and lightness. This passionate Chef is also rather rigorous, he follows the seasons and composes dishes that are full of flavors, the result being simple and right on target. For the pleasure of the eyes, admire the pretty presentation and for that of your taste buds, enjoy feelings that only quality products can trigger.

Those are the simple and relaxing settings ideal gourmet offers you to discover at Les Orfèvres. This establishment stresses the pleasures of taste, the poetry of wine and gourmet emotions, it is really a must-stop in the region. So come discover a menu where the true talent of the Chef shows, he is a master of flavors.

Tell us about good restaurants you frequent.

Bon appétit!

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