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    Thalys is modern high-speed train travel between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne. These international destinations are used 50/50 by business and leisure passengers with the overwhelming destination itineray being Paris <> Brussels. Their trade mark are the royal red sleek trains that reach 300 km per hour.

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    When to Book:

    You can generally book a Thalys train ticket up to 3 months before departure. The cheapest fares are those booked as early as possible for travel at less frequented times: Mondays through Thursday and Saturday.

    How to easily and safely book your tickets:

    For non French residents the easiest way to book France and European Rail is via the official secure websites established for this purpose. All the 'Buy Now' links to purchase rail tickets on BonjourLaFrance will direct you to the specific site for you country.

    This has a number of advantages. Firstly, purchasing on such a site protects you from fraud and secondly these sites all have customer services in your language for your peace of mind. These services are accessible via the 'help' (or similar) links you'll find on the respective sites.

    Where to Book your Tickets and Reservations:

    Click your country link 90 days before you travel for the most savings and peace of mind. To book a train pick your country of reference below. Buy all your Tickets online. CLICK on the link for your home country to see information in your language and check Real Time Schedules, Prices and Travel Times and make A SECURE PURCHASE.

    France and European City to City Train Tickets:

    Train travel offers you downtown to downtown comfortable and efficient rail service. No hassle with early arrivals, delays, and luggage security checks. You can take unlimited weight and reasonably bulky items on board. European rail is the way to travel and really see the French countryside. USA > UK > Argentina > Australia > Belgium-Fr > Belgium-Nl > Brazil > Canada > France > France Promotions > France Groups 10-30 people > GCC Countries > Germany > Hong Kong > India > Israel > Italy > Japan-Jp > Mexico, Central America, Caribbean > Netherlands > New Zealand > Singapore > South Africa > Spain > Switzerland-Fr > Switzerland-De > Rest of the world (English) > Rest of the world (Español) > 中国 > 香港 > 日本 > 한국 > 新加坡

    Train Passes:

    If you are traveling by train on 5 different days or more in one or a few European countries then buying a European Rail Pass could be to your budgetary advantage compared to ‘point-to-point' tickets. Click below to see Rail Pass options. For European citizens use the point-to-point links above, the Rail Pass access is on the same page. USA > Argentina > Australia > Brazil > Canada > GCC Countries > Hong Kong > India > Israel > Japan-Jp > Mexico, Central America, Caribbean > New Zealand > Singapore > South Africa > Rest of the world (English) > Rest of the world (Español) > 中国 > 香港 > 日本 > 한국 > 新加坡

    Service Levels:

    Thalys is designed for your well-being and comfort with onboard conveniences, personalized services, and include a variety of pleasing, welcoming spaces designed for your travel comfort.

    SNCF trains that require reservations have two options:
    > 1st class: You can choose a single seat, two seats side by side, or a group of four seats

    > 2nd class: You can choose side-by-side or facing seats

    In some cases, you can also choose to sit in forward- or rear-facing seats, as well as on the upper or lower level of the train.

    Other amenities include: ergonomic adjustable seats in both 1st and 2nd class, reading lights, recharging outlets for electronic devices at every 1st class seat and many 2nd class seats. There are folding trays for your computer or a meal. There's plenty of luggage space and food services.

    Mobility Access:

    Contact SNCB (Belgian National Train Network) for free assistance if you have difficulties travelling alone. We can also assist you on board the train or, if you prefer to be accompanied and you have the "Free Carer" card, your carer can travel with you for free.


    Your luggage never leaves your side: you can easily carry on two suitcases plus your hand luggage.

    On board: TGV has luggage areas for your bags next to your seat, overhead and at each end of your car for bigger bags. You should label them with your name and address.

    Porters: Because of 'baggage with wheels' they’re not too available anymore. However at Paris Gare de Lyon station tjeu cam help carry your luggage. You'll identify these porters by their “Service en gare” badge. This service is free of charge.

    Trolleys: Luggage trolleys can be found at key points near stations and platforms. They are free to use but you might need a 1 Euro coin to access them... returned when you're finished.

    Lost Property:

    For lost items on Thalys trains please contact your arrival station :
    Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid: Tel. +32 2 224 88 62
    Liège-Guillemins: Fax. +33 3 28 55 71 63

    For France
    Tel. 3635#22 (+ 33 892 35 35 35 from another country), Monday through Saturday from 8am to 8pm.
    Website: (to report a lost item and track progress)

    Food Service:

    A Thalys ticket in comfortable 1st class includes in-seat dining when you will enjoy a delicious, balanced meal right at your seat—outstanding when you need a relaxing breakfast, lunch, dinner or light snack.

    Menus depend on time of day and departure country. However, all meals aboard Thalys are sustainably produced, healthy and prepared based on seasonal, regionally sourced ingredients. Vegetarian and organic options can also be requested.


    Small domestic animals can travel free of charge, if they travel in a carrier of maximum size: 55 x 30 x 30cm. and they do not disturb other passengers.

    Dogs that are not in a cage need a "Dog" fare ticket. They are only allowed if they are carried on their owner's lap or muzzled and on a leash, on the floor of the carriage so as not to be a nuisance to other passengers.

    Guide dogs travel free of charge.

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