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Thalassotherapy makes the most of the sea’s resources

Thalassotherapy makes the most of the sea’s resources

Thalassotherapy, the very wellspring of wellbeing.

Water, and especially seawater in thalassotherapy, does you so much good. Do you now about its great virtues? A body plunged into warm water becomes 80% lighter, taking the weight off the joints. Relieved of the pounds and aches and pains, you will already feel you are a different person. Dispersed into a fine rain, water gives you a sense of being reborn. Propelled as an intense jet, it makes the body tingle, stimulates the circulation, massages away tension and bulges.

How do you like the idea of getting your figure back? People drink spring water for its well-known virtues: its purity replenishes the minerals in the body, its trace elements renew the body’s vigor. Can you feel this new youthfulness? Relaxing, stimulating, nourishing, water has all kinds of talents. Hydrotherapy uses these to make it a source of wellbeing for mind and body. Water used in this way has the exclusive gift of helping you get back your zest for life.

The Power of the Sea

Thalassotherapy makes the most of the sea’s resources. The water is drawn from the open sea and conveyed to the baths and showers, whether designed to calm or invigorate. Marine mud and seaweed are used in specific applications or for overall wrapping to produce revitalizing or slimming effects. And sand from the beaches has now been brought into the treatments for its exfoliating properties.

As you might expect, thalassotherapy centres are located at the seaside, and the benefits of the climate also contribute to getting you into shape. From the bracing air of the beaches of the Nord, to the gentleness of the shores of the Mediterranean, through the iodized and bracing air of the English Channel and the Atlantic: Welcome to the finest locations on the French coast.

Here are just a couple of examples of outstanding thalassotherapy centres.

Thalassa Quiberon

At the tip of this Breton peninsula, facing the sea, Quiberon is an exceptional location. here you will find an institute renowned for the professionalism of its treatments, a 3-star Ibis and a 5-star Sofitel hotel, which will welcome you into the elegance and serenity of this unforgettable landscape.

Thalassa Biarritz

“Luxury, peace and pleasure”, Thalassa Biarritz is introducing a unique concept in thalassatherapy: 4 wings that can be booked privately. Right beside the sea and a stone’s throw from the town centre, with over 20 years of experience to call on, the centre is directly linked to the Sofitel Thalasso Miramar and is very close to the Grand Hotel Sofitel Regina & Golf. The latest asset offered by this prestigious location: the beauty salon.

If you’re looking for that refreshing fitness getaway, thalassotherapy is an experience you won’t want to miss.

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