Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

BonjourLaFrance is not a travel agency but we do try to help where we can. We’ve helped thousands of people, especially with their train travel.

Our role is to help travelers prepare their travel arrangements by focusing on France and presenting various aspects of the country that are of interest to future visitors.

BonjourLaFrance does not sell any services or wares directly. We simply direct you to service providers that serve your particular country. We are a portal to help you find all the necessary France related tourism providers in ONE place.

Travel and Tourism Service Providers

Once you locate whatever your need might be, BonjourLaFrance REdirects you to that provider and from that point on, you are dealing directly with them for the choice, reservation and ultimate purchase of the item or service you desire. All engagements, exchange of money for goods and services are done exclusively and directly with those providers and not with BonjourLaFrance. Therefore, we can take no responsibility for such transactions and the services that entail. BonjourLaFrance is not made aware of any details of your purchase such as names, dates, reservations, ticket numbers, payments etc.

Should there be a problem please contact the website or provider of your item or service where you made said purchase. By going to their website you will find a link with ‘Help’ or ‘Contact’ or some similar wording for you to let them know about your situation. Provide the actual seller with all details of your purchase such as names, dates, reservations, ticket numbers, payments etc. and settle it directly with the seller.

BonjourLaFrance tries its best to present to you, only reputable service providers in good-standing, many of them world-known companies and many of them with which we’ve worked for over a decade. Sometimes, there can be a mix-up and sometimes things can go wrong. Their goal is to satisfy you as a customer and BonjourLaFrance is here to help you obtain that satisfaction and we will do all we can to reach that goal.

But, ultimately it is between you and that ‘end-seller’ that the solution must be worked out.

Tourist Offices

As an aside, please realize that there are 1,001 not to say a 1,000,001 ‘details’ about travel and tourism and BonjourLaFrance can NOT be aware of every single one of these details. That is why we provide Tourist Office information. Tourist Offices are the best source of information for what we call the ‘last mile’–that ‘local zone’ which is their playground and where they are the experts. We always suggest you contact them for local transport and information–they are the best suited to answer quickly and accurately. They all have enough notions—not to say excellent–English to both understand and reply to your every question.

Wishing you efficient preparation and a wonderful trip to and in France and Europe.