• Biarritz Tourist Office

    Biarritz, on the ocean at the foot of mountains, is forever marked by Napoleon III and the ‘well-knowns’ of the world. Thanks to Empress Eugénie Biarritz became a fashionable seaside resort Today the city is a leading destination for golf, surfing, thalassotherapy and Business tourism (incentive and conventions). More elegant Read more [...]

  • Bonifacio Municipal Tourist Office

    “BONIFACIO, PITTORESQUE CAPITAL OF CORSICA”. (MR. VALERY) All travelers who have stayed at Bonifacio have kept a lasting memory. As Charles V and Napoleon Bonaparte, the writer Anthony Pasquin, said Valery, was captivated by the site of Bonifacio. By calling the city the “picturesque capital,” he summed up in two Read more [...]

  • Bordeaux Tourist Office

    Discover the wonderful Bordeaux World Heritage site, recognised by UNESCO, as well as its attractive lifestyle: 18th-century urban design, architecture, the importance of the river throughout history, the city’s contribution to the development of ideas, and its place in history. Tour the city’s exciting, contemporary districts. Finally, look ahead to Read more [...]

  • Angers Tourist Office

    At the heart of the Loire Valley, which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies Angers and the surrounding communes of Loire-Aubance, Loir en Anjou and Vallée Loire-Authion . Together they present a region with an outstanding heritage and a new name – welcome to Angers Loire Valley.

  • Angouléme Tourist Office

    THE COMIC STRIP CAPITAL Once upon a time …there were three friends who, in 1969, created a festival in Angoulême to celebrate the Comic Strip or Bande Dessinée (BD) in French. Year by year , the event gathered momentum until in January 1974, the International Comic Strip Festival was born. Read more [...]

  • Annecy Tourist Office

    Our area is internationally renowned for its beautiful harmonious landscape and for the fantastic quality of the water in the lake which, thanks to the efforts made to protect it for over 50 years, is now the purest in Europe. Visitors can enjoy a wide choice of sporting and cultural Read more [...]

  • Arras Tourist Office

    VERTIGO AT THE TOWN HALL “Decor unique in Europe”, “jewel of Flemish architecture”, “Gothic pearl in a Baroque setting”… No scholarly expression, no cliché can do justice to the sensations that seize the visitor viewing for the first time the squares of Arras and their Town Hall. To further heighten Read more [...]

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