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France Sites and Monuments – the Splendour of Castles

France has from time immemorial seen the hand of man excel in his wondrous works. From Gallo-Roman vestiges to majestic cathedrals, towns and villages offer visitors marvelous treasures. Over 80,000 buildings, countless parks and formal gardens are evidence of this incredible craftsmanship. France has a history dating back 2000 years and what is interesting is that… Read more »

Sports Activities for a Real Workout or for Leisure

Break your France Touring routine … spend some energy, give your heart and lungs a workout with a sporting activity. Whether your a regular sports buff or an amateur looking for a little exercise and change of pace, there’s plenty to do around France. Want some ideas? Bowling, petanque, paintball, swimming pools, luge d’ete (summer sledding),… Read more »

Get Away and Golf in France

Your passion is golf … you’re looking for a new challenge in sumptuous surrounding. You need to Golf in France. Golf in France is the perfect golfing vacation. Why? The golf courses are unpared in Europe. there’s a vibrant interest and environment. You can practice your sport at leisure in diverse atmospheres from the professional to… Read more »

Natural Reserves and Wonders … Lakes, Rivers, Gorges, Wetlands

France National Reserve Parks, Marine Parks and Regional Parks

You’re a nature lover, you’re looking to get lost in greenery and reunite yourself with the down-to-earth pleasures of life. France can offer you preserved open natural spaces. National Reserve Parks, Marine Parks and Regional Parks are close by with botanical gardens and a wide variety of plants The sheer abundance and variety of preserved… Read more »

Tastes of France — Direct from the Producers

There’s nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice and baked bread right out of the oven … right? Well, in France you can go one step further and pick it off the tree or get it straight out of the ground and then turn it into a mouth-watering delight Around the country there are literally thousands of… Read more »

Winter in France – Ski, Skate, Sled, Sleigh … Total Fun

France Ski regions: Alps, Jura, Massif Central, Vosges and Pyrenees, ... winter skiing and fun for everyone.

France, and the Alps in particular, is the largest developed ski domain in the world. Skiing in France France has undoubtedly some of the best ski resorts in the world. With more than 200 stations, generally in the Alps and the Pyrenees. The largest ski areas in the world are found in the French Alps. 3 Valleys with… Read more »

Family, children, fun — Theme Parks and more Play Delight

Fabulous Family Fun. France is filled with memory-making experiences you and your kids will cherish for a lifetime. Afloat in a rowboat, in a well-organized camp sites, at amusing museums with hands-on attractions and of course, joining in festival mania, there’s never a dull moment for families with children in tow.   Everywhere, France offers the… Read more »

Museums … Admire the Accomplishments of the Past and Present

The Pyramid which adorns the central courtyard of the Louvre museum in Paris, France

Museums, including those in France, contain and propose more visual knowledge and know-how than any other place on earth. Of course there’s internet where you can find just about anything and libraries filled with books covering the gamut of subjects. Both have their pluses but they just don’t offer you the same ‘visual hands-on’ experience museums… Read more »

Disneyland Paris Park and Walt Disney Studios Park – kids love it

Disneyland Paris with the enchanting Sleeping-Beauty Castle

Disneyland Paris, where the kid’s eyes light up with enjoyment … and the parent’s eyes do too! Mickey and Minnie invite you into their land of fairytales brimming with musical street parades, colorful attractions and amusing rides along with all those adorable real-life Disney characters… come and give them a hug. Disneyland Resort Paris is between… Read more »

France Tourist Attractions – Put on Your Siteseeing Shoes

Historic, natural or modern Tourist Attractions, whatever your desire for site-seeing, you’ll discover it in France. From the Paris Flea Market (weekly), to the George Pompidou Center (1972), to the Eiffel Tower (1889) icon of France, to historic Louis XIV Versailles (1682) to mention just a few, Paris and its environ area has enough to keep… Read more »

Snooze … from Budget Hostels to Comfy Castles

Lodging - from luxury to camping and everything in between

Snoozing, sleeping in the best conditions while on vacation is a must. Holidays and leisure getaways are a time for renewal, refreshment and a new lease of life. Certainly excellent lodgings with quality beds and sleeping linens are a fundamental part of the preparation. BonjourLaFrance partners with a number of options. These are tried and tested… Read more »

Good Restaurants in France – Scrumptiously Mouthwatering

Good restaurants in France - Le Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon - a historic landmark to wine and dine

You’ve go to eat … a necessary but pleasurable pastime: Whether it’s a good restaurant, gourmet picnic by a riverside, a boating lake or in the forest, even a country auberge. whether it’s a lively pub or a little cafe, whenever you choose to eat you’ll always find remarkable value in France and French cuisine. Eating in France… Read more »

Special France Travel Deals – A Must Read Before you Prepare Your Trip

Special France Travel deals - Read before you prepare your trip

Special France travel deals. Tips for not only the best prices but also the best quality deals in France and Europe. This post about special France travel deals is designed to make your mouth water. To throw some easy ideas your way for you to consider during the planning and preparation process for your next… Read more »

France, Rail Hub of Europe – The Gateway to Europe Train Travel

France rail hub of Europe. Train map with lines for Eurostar, Thalys, ICE Germany, Lyria Switzerland, TGV Italia Italy and TGV Spain for Spain

France rail hub – Train Travel to/from/in France and Europe France rail hub of European Trains is your natural starting point for your rail adventure. Because of France’s central position and having common borders with the largest and most populous European nations, all European trains transit via France. France has reciprocal rail agreements with each of… Read more »

Your Airline Baggage – Tips for Comfort

Your Airline Baggage – Everything you should know before leaving to improve safety, comfort and punctuality levels. Rules limit what you can carry in your hand luggage (checked luggage is unaffected) when departing from EU airports. More stringent controls are in effect. This is especially important if travelling from countries where more weight might be allowed. Liquids will… Read more »

Cultural Activities to Attend or Participate in for Your Enjoyment

France culture with the ornate and opulent facade of the Paris Opera House by Charles Garnier

Cultural activities and France go hand in hand at all levels of life. The origin of the word ‘culture’ comes from ‘cultivate’, in French the term ‘culture’ actually refers to agricultural crops. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th century that the word took on the meaning of cultivating the mind, faculties, or manners and… Read more »

Flags of France – Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

The National Flag of France Also known in French as the drapeau tricolore, drapeau bleu-blanc-rouge, drapeau français, rarely, le tricolore and, in military parlance, les couleurs is a tricolour featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white, and red. The national flag of France is known to English speakers as the French tricolor (American… Read more »

Water Activities – Swimming, Fishing, Boating … you have it all in France

Water Activities in France. From white-water rafting to canyoning to boating down the canals or relaxing on a beach, you’ll find it all in the Hexagon With Rivers, seasides, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and canals the diversity of locations and variety of water activities is endless. Whether you’re looking for thrills and spills or plain leisure… Read more »

Contemporary Montpellier on an Electric Bike

Montpellier - Arc de Triomphe

Do and See in France. Discover a unique variety of exciting and sometimes strange sites doing it by bike, donkey, paragliding… How about exploring one of the major Southern cities, doing it on an electric bike while taking in the contemporary work of some of the younger artists. What an experience. Explore, by regular or… Read more »

Chamonix Valley, a Legendary Destination

Mont Blanc Chamonix Valley, Aiguille du Midi

Chamonix Valley – the cradle of Alpinism and Skiing – is known worldwide for its natural beauty. The Chamonix valley rests at the foot of the towering 4800m-high Mont Blanc stretching its open arms to you as a legend waiting to be discovered. Planted in the Alps in France, the valley of Chamonix Mont Blanc is only 15 km… Read more »

France Statistics – Prepare your adventure to France with some Facts

France statistics: The highest (ski area), the longest (beach), the number of (cheeses, bakeries) … Prepare your adventure with some basic France statistics about the country. France statistics are obviously continually changing… but these will give you a good idea of interesting facts about France Total area: 551 100 km2 of territory (appr. 180,000 sq…. Read more »