Family, children, fun — Theme Parks and more Play Delight

Fabulous Family Fun. France is filled with memory-making experiences you and your kids will cherish for a lifetime.

Afloat in a rowboat, in a well-organized camp sites, at amusing museums with hands-on
attractions and of course, joining in festival mania, there’s never a dull moment for
families with children in tow.

Family Fun - a handicraft outing that all kids enjoy

Family Fun – a handicraft outing that all kids enjoy


Everywhere, France offers the best self-catering options for fun for the whole family. You’re guaranteed good value and facilities in relaxed safe surroundings. Puttering in a small cruiser along the banks of the many meandering rivers, with ever-changing scenery and fun places to moor is one of the lovely way to spend a family vacation.

Along the way camp sites boast lots of sports and leisure activities. many are within walking distance of historic centers and you can find swimming pools, beaches or parks nearby. Water-side leisure activity centers abound.

Other family activities like planetariums and their accompanying star gazing displays or watching skilled artists accomplish their works before your ogling eyes, even participating in handicraft workshops makes for fascinating discoveries.

Aquariums with shapes and sizes and faces of fish dashing around, even overhead or underfoot with the possibility of handling a rod and seeing what the little ones can catch is quite the challenge. Why not break it up with a picnic in the park or a snack in a local tasty brasserie.

Animal parks bring to life the creatures of the forest … From the protection of your car or protected by a solid fence you can always come face to face with a wild boar or feline marvel. The darkness and mystery of caves with their stalagmites and stalactites maybe leading to a rushing cascade is always an educational and memorable diversion.

Here’s a very short list of some family activities to search out and participate in: Acroparcs in the forest. Discovery gardens. Butterfly Farms. Little Circuses. Theme Parks. Prehistoric Parks…

Walibi Park

There are two parks in France. In the SW between Toulouse and Bordeaux and in the SE East of Lyon on the route to Chambery: Along with all the rides and splashes, gargoyles are the new stars in Walibi … They bring you the greatest movies of all time in their own special way. Jump aboard this funny and colorful experience, and try to follow the rhythm. Follow Walibi, Fibi and the funny gargoyle Marvin on an extraordinary journey full of music. Get ready for living instruments, Hard-rock stone giants and wild dance parties … Time to open your ears!

Vegetal Labyrinth Park

There are numerous Labyrinths in France … look them up in Google and enjoy. This one in Ardeche just South of Valence which offers about 2 hours of fun and games! You enter the labyrinth, without Ariadne’s thread, but you do have a map, it is up to you to identify and discover the questions relating to a theme which is renewed annually, and to try to answer them. This year the exciting theme leads you into the world of discovery of inventions and inventors.

Ideas for other family activity searches: Pirates, aquatic, eagles, animals, miniature …

Send us your suggestion for family outings and we’ll add them to the list.

In France we have thirty-six thousand cities and villages… it is a ‘green’ country covered with parks and space for children. Generally, you’re not far away from slides, see-saws, roundabouts and climbing devices. Let them enjoy and work off some steam while you watch on with amazement at your own.

Create great memories, plan experiences you and your kids will remember forever.

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