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    The Innsbruck main station is a transit station and is located east of the city center, about a 10 minute walk, on the near the Pradl district of Innsbruck. It is the hub for the 5 S-Bahn train lines: Arlbergbahn, Brennerbahn, Mittenwaldbahn, Stubaitalbahn and Unterinntalbahn. It serves about 25,000 passengers daily. The station is forms the junction of the Arlberg Railway to Bregenz, Brenner Railway to Italy, Mittenwald Railway to Germany’s region of Ällgau, Stubai Valley Railway and the main east-west artery Lower Inn Valley Railway.

    The geographic coordinates are 47 ° 15 ’50 ” N , 11 ° 24′ 3″ O at an elevation of 582 meters, with 14 platforms. It has 12 tracks including 3 for regional transport (21-22, 31 and 41) and one (8) for loading cars on motorail.

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    International Trains:

    Intercity train (ÖBB EuroCity)
    Munich (D) - Rosenheim (D) - Kufstein - Wörgl - Jenbach - Innsbruck - Brenner/Brennero (I) - Franzensfeste/Fortezza (I) - Brixen/Bressanone (I) - Bozen/Bolzano (I) - Trient/Trento (I) - Rofreit/Rovereto (I) - Verona (I) - (Padova (I)) - (Venice (I))

    Intercity train (ÖBB EuroCity)
    Munich (D) - Rosenheim (D) - Kufstein - Wörgl - Jenbach - Innsbruck - Brenner/Brennero (I) - Franzensfeste/Fortezza (I) - Brixen/Bressanone (I) - Bozen/Bolzano (I) - Trient/Trento (I) - Rofreit/Rovereto (I) - Verona (I) - (Bologna (I))

    Intercity Train (RZD EuroNight)
    Moscow (Belorusskaja) (R) - Wjasma (R) - Smolensk (R) - Orscha Central (ВR) - Minsk (BR) - Brest Central (BR) - Terespol (PL) - Warsaw West (Wschodnia) (PL) - Warsaw Central (Centralna) (PL)- Katowice (PL) - Zebrzydowice (PL) - Bohumin (CZ) - Breclav (CZ) - Vienna/Wien - Linz-Donau - Innsbuck - Bozen/Bolzano (I) - Verona (I) - Milan (I) - Genova/Genoa (I) - San Remo (I) - Ventimiglia (I) - Menton (F) - Monaco Monte-Carlo (MN) - Nice (F)

    Tourist train (Venice-Simplon Orient Express)
    Venice-London: Venice (I) or Rome (I) - Verona (I) - Innsbruck - Munich (D) - Paris (F) - London (GB)

    Cross-border (Night train)
    CH for Switzerland, D for Germany, H for Hungary, F for France, I for Italy, PL for Poland, BR for Belarus, R for Russia, CZ for Czech Republic, SLO for Slovenia, HR for Croatia, SEB for Serbia)

    Night train (ÖBB EuroNight)
    Budapest (H) - Györ (H) - Vienna - St Pölten - Linz - Salzburg - Innsbruck - Feldkirch - Buchs SG (CH) - Sargans (CH) - Zürich (CH)

    Night train (DB CityNightLine)
    Munich (D) - Rosenheim (D) - Kufstein - Wörgl - Jenbach - Innsbruck - Bozen/Bolzano (I) - Verona ^ (I) - Perschiera del Garda (I) - Brescia (I) - Milan (I)
    ^ Train connects at Verona with ÖBB EuroNight Vienna-Rome

    Night train (ÖBB EuroNight)
    Feldkirch - St. Anton am Arlberg - Landeck-Zams - Innsbruck - Jenbach - Wörgl - Bad Hofgastein - Bad Gastein - Villach - Jesenice (SLO) - Ljubljana (SLO) - Zagreb (HR) - Nova Gradiska (HR) - Sid (SEB) - Belgrade (SEB)

    Night train (ÖBB Nightjet)
    Hamburg/Düsseldorf-Innsbruck/Vienna: Düsseldorf (D) - Frankfurt (D) - Nuremberg/Nürnberg (D) (train connects with Hamburg-Nürnberg-Wien) - Munich/München (D) - Innsbruck

    National Trains - TGV, Intercite:

    Intercity train (ÖBB Railjet 'RJ' / Intercity)
    Innsbruck - Jenbach - Wörgl - Kufstein - Salzburg
    Zürich - Feldkirch - St. Anton am Arlberg - Landeck-Zams - Imst-Pitztal - Ötztal - Innsbruck - Jenbach - Wörgl - Kufstein - Salzburg - Linz - St. Pölten - Vienna
    Innsbruck - Ötztal - Imst-Pitztal - Landeck-Zams - St. Anton am Arlberg - Feldkirch - Bregenz

    Metre-gauge train (Stubaitalbahn)
    Innsbruck-Fulpmes: Innsbruck - Fulpmes

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    Regional Trains - Intercite, TER:

    (D for Germany, I for Italy)

    Intercity train (ÖBB Eurocity)
    Munich (D) - Rosenheim (D) - Kufstein - Wörgl - Jenbach - Innsbruck

    Intercity train (DB Intercity Express 'ICE')
    Munich (D) - Garmish-Partenkirchen (D) - Mittenwald (D) - Seefeld-in-Tirol - Innsbruck

    Regional train (ÖBB Regional-Express 'REX')
    Innsbruck - Seefeld-in-Tirol - Mittenwald (D)

    Regional train (Südtirol Bahn Regional-Express 'REX')
    Innsbruck - Matrei-am-Brenner - Brenner/Brennero (I) - Franzensfeste/Fortezza (I) - Bozen/Bolzano (I)

    Suburban Trains - Paris Transilien, RER:

    Regional S-Bahn Tirol
    S1 Arlbergbahn, Unterinntalbahn
    Landeck-Zams - Imst-Pitztal - Ötztal - Telfs - Innsbruck - Hall-in-Tirol - Jenbach - Wörgl - Kufstein

    S2 Arlbergbahn, Unterinntalbahn
    Landeck-Zams - Imst-Pitztal - Ötztal - Telfs - Innsbruck - Hall-in-Tirol - Jenbach

    S3 Brennerbahn, Unterinntalbahn
    Hall-in-Tirol - Innsbruck - Steinach-am-Brenner

    S4 Brennerbahn
    Brenner - Gries-am-Brenner - Steinach-am-Brenner - Matrei-am-Brenner - Innsbruck - (Völs)

    S5 Mittenwaldbahn
    Innsbruck - Seefeld – Scharnitz

    S6 Salzburg-Tiroler Bahn
    Wörgl central station - St. Johann in Tyrol - Hochfilzen – Saalfelden

    Metro Paris and other Metropolitan Train Transit Systems:

    Insbruck Hbf immediate Departures

    Local Bus, Trams and Inter-city Coach Transport:

    A tramway network and a funicular.
    Tram: STB 3
    City Buses: 4 D E F R S ST TS WRT
    Regional Coaches to different destinations in all directions

    Shuttles: Downtown, Airport, Nearby Sights, Resorts:

    Bus line F, the station is connected to Innsbruck Airport.

    Car: Taxis, Rentals, Parking, Passenger drop-off:

    There is parking
    15 minutes, free, kiss&Ride drop-off parking
    8 places for carsharing

    Bicycles, Motorcycles: Rentals, parking:

    There is parking for bikes

    Services available:

    Infopoint: Monday-Saturdays: 07:00 – 20:30, Sunday and Public Holidays: 08:00 - 20:30
    Lounge: Monday-Saturdays: 05:45 – 21:40, Sunday and Public Holidays: 06:15 - 21:40
    Taxi Stand

    Reduced Mobility:

    Elevator access 24/7
    Wheelchair access to all parts of the station and platforms
    Barrier-free toilets
    Inductive sound system
    Mobility service: +43 (0)5 1717 5

    Meeting places:
    Ticket Counter - Yes
    Infopoint - Yes
    Platform - Yes
    Car Loading Point - Yes
    Taxi Stand – Yes

    Luggage Storage :

    Lockers are available:
    Smal: l45/35/85 cm - 100 lockers
    Medium: 60/35/85 cm - 30 lockers
    Large: 90/35/85 cm - 4 lockers
    Ski – 8 lockers

    Lost & Found:

    Call +43 (0) 1 93000 22 2 22

    Questions? Here are the Answers:

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