Gare de Toulon Train Station

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    The train station Toulon is a French railway station on the line: Marseille-Saint-Charles <=> Vintimille (border), located very near the city-center of Toulon (capital of the departement: Var), between the Mont Faron and the port, in the region: Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. Its latitude and longitude geographic coordinates are 43° 07′ 43″ North, 5° 55′ 47″ East.

    It is served by the TGV, Intercites, Intercites de nuit, TER PACA and Auto-train Service and is on the train line Marseille – Vintimille (border) with 5 (plus sidings plus Auto-Train) tracks and 1 side plus 2 central platforms.

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    Ticket Counters and Distributors:

    Mondays to Saturdays: 06h00 - 19h30
    Sundays and Holidays: 07h00 - 19h00

    Automatic rail ticket distributors available at this station.

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    International Trains:

    High speed services (TGV)
    Brussels - Lille - Airport Charles de Gaulle - Lyon - Avignon - Aix-en-Provence - Marseille - Cannes - Nice
    Geneva - Lyon - Marseille - Nice

    EuroCity services (Thello) Italy Rail
    Marseille - Cannes - Nice - Monaco - Ventimiglia - Genoa - Milan

    National Trains - TGV, Intercite:

    High speed services (TGV)
    Paris - Avignon - Aix-en-Provence - Cannes - Antibes - Nice
    Lille - Airport Charles de Gaulle - Lyon - Avignon - Aix-en-Provence - Marseille - Cannes - Nice
    Metz - Nancy - Dijon - Lyon - Avignon - Marseille - Cannes - Nice

    Intercity services (Intercites)
    Bordeaux - Toulouse - Montpellier - Marseille - Cannes - Nice

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    Regional Trains - Intercite, TER:

    Marseille ... Aubagne ... Toulon ... Hyeres
    Toulon ... Carnoules ... Les Arcs-Draguignan
    Marseille - Toulon - Les Arcs-Draguignan - Saint-Raphael-Valescure - Cannes - Antibes - Nice

    Local Bus, Trams and Inter-city Coach Transport:

    Urban Bus
    Mistral, website:
    Ligne 3 - 4 Ch. des Routes - Mourillon
    Ligne 9 - Gare - Hopital Ste Musse
    Ligne 15 - Hopital Ste Anne - Port - Liberte
    Ligne 23 - Gare (Toulon) - Espace 3000 (Hyeres)
    Ligne 29 - Gare Routiere (Toulon) - Lycee Costebelle
    Ligne 39 - Gare Routiere (Toulon) - Moulin 1er
    Ligne 70 - Gare Routiere (Toulon) - Plage Bonnegrace
    Ligne 102 - Gare Routiere (Toulon) - Aeroport Toulon Hyeres
    Ligne 103 - Gare Routiere (Toulon) - Hyeres Moulin Premier

    Varlib, website:
    Line 2801 - DRAGUIGNAN - TOULON
    Line 2821 - LE LUC - TOULON
    Line 4801 - BRIGNOLES - TOULON
    Line 4802 - ST MAXIMIN - TOULON
    Line 4821 - BRIGNOLES - TOULON
    Line 7801 - ST TROPEZ - TOULON
    Line 7802 - ST TROPEZ - TOULON
    Line 8805 - BANDOL - TOULON
    Line 8808 - SIGNES - TOULON
    Line 8809 - LE CASTELLET - TOULON
    Line 8814 - LA CROIX VALMER - TOULON

    Car: Taxis, Rentals, Parking, Passenger drop-off:

    There is parking for cars

    Bicycles, Motorcycles: Rentals, parking:

    There is no parking for bikes

    Reduced Mobility:

    Accessibility: Reduced Mobility: Call 'Acces Plus' 48 hours in advance of travel to enquire and reserve: +33 (0)8 90 64 06 50 available from 6:00am - midnight. For assistance boarding your train, arrive at the platform at least 30 minutes before departure time. Wheelchairs and boarding ramps are available if required.

    Luggage Storage :

    There is no baggage storage at this station
    Suggestion: Ask a shop or hotel nearby and offer them a few Euro

    Lost & Found:

    Declare your lost property. Give a precise description. An email will confirm your claim:

    1. Internet: Create or use your account and declare your claim This page is in French but is accessible from anywhere ... especially when you're visiting France and Europe.
    2. Telephone: +33 (0) 8 92 35 35 35 (open 7/7 from 8h00 to 20h00 to answer questions and register your claim) or in France 36 35 (0,40 € / minute) then #22
    3. At a train station: see the map at the bottom of this page for station details

    A national database registers all lost and found objects in real time. Search for your object will continue for one monnth. There's a charge of 5/10 Euros, depending on object's value, for restitution of an item.

    Another national lost and found service can be found here

    Questions? Here are the Answers:

    Got a question about train travel in France and Europe? Click here and get the answer.

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