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    isilines was founded in July 2015 as part of the larger European bus network Eurolines. The bus company is mainly active in France, where it provides bus routes between larger metropolises as well as smaller cities. Most of the isilines bus routes meet in Paris. An advantage with isilines is that customers can easily switch to the services of Eurolines France to reach more international destinations.

    Isilines is a very mobile solution to travel around France. It’s a simple, accessible, inexpensive, premium, quality service. isilines is a new era of freedom for the traveler with high standards of service at low prices.

    isilines provide two types of routes:
    – Radial connections, from main hubs like Paris used by large numbers of passenger on which isilines is a flexible alternative to other modes of transport.
    – Cross-links between provincial cities, on which journey times and the comfort of isilines will be particularly interesting where the transport service is now impractical and non-existent.

    isilines is interconnected with urban networks and internationally via Eurolines. With 17 lines and more than 50 cities served by isilines in France; with over 600 European destinations including 96 cities in the hexagon by Eurolines, both brands offer complementary services for their clients. They benefit from a broader choice of destinations.

    The modern, high-quality vehicles of isilines feature free WiFi with multimedia content allowing travelers to send email, twitter with friends, surf, work or relax. Films are shown during the trip and for those who want it, they can upload their own movies, games and music before the trip for use on board. Also: electric sockets, air-conditioning, onboard toilet, extra legroom, compartments for hand-luggage and luggage transportation. Comfortable seats can recline and have head and footrests, individual reading lights and seatbelts. Customer service is provided throughout the journey.

    Kids under 4 travel at half price, children 4-12 years receive -30%. Travelers under 26 receive -10% a nice option for students. Regular promotions on different destinations and special formulas are available. Small animals in a pet carrier can be brought aboard. Travel insurance is available.

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