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    OUIBUS, owned by the SNCF (French national railways), offers low-cost bus services. Along with bus routes in France, travelers can also book inexpensive trips to adjacent countries including Italy, Spain and Germany. The focus of the bus company is to offer alternate public transport to connect cities and regions, especially those with touristic interest. Everyone can travel everywhere as a family, with friends or for a romantic getaway … affordably.

    OUIBUS connects over 160 cities in numerous European countries, mainly in France but also in Spain, Italy, UK, Belgium and Holland. All in all, the bus provider’s network amounts to over 1000 bus routes across Europe. While the bus provider covers larger metropolises such as Paris and Lyon, many other cities like Tours or Strasbourg and cities all around the hexagon can be found on the OUIBUS schedule as well.

    Some the bus features of OUIBUS include free: WiFi onboard, electric sockets, extra legroom, compartments for hand-luggage, luggage transportation, seat selection. There’s accessibility for those with reduced mobility and OUIBUS has innovated with ‘captains’–they look after you from the moment you arrive at your departure station until you arrive at destination. He or she speaks French and English, is easy-going with a smile and ready to help you with things related to making your trip as comfortable as possible.

    Other benefits: Children under the age of 2 receive a 50% discount when accompanied by a parent. There are special discounts for larger groups to the bigger cities in France and other European countries. Also, throughout the year, OUIBUS offers special deals on selected bus trips.

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