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    DFDS Ferries offer you the choice of three routes from the UK to France for flexible travel plans. Cross the Channel from Dover to Calais, Dover to Dunkirk or Newhaven to Dieppe, with your car or camper and discover France at your own pace.

    DFDS ferry crossings make it easy to cross the Channel from Dover to France. Calais is just 90 minutes from Dover and Dunkirk is only 2 hours away. Both ports offer rapid access to France’s superb highway network, whether it be for southern and central France via Dover, or Belgium, Holland, Germany or Eastern Europe via Dunkirk, you’ll save some driving time.

    You can cross back to the UK from either Calais or Dunkirk no matter where you landed. This tremendous flexibility – together with the shortest Channel crossing times and as many as 54 daily sailings between France and the UK –makes DFDS Ferries an excellent choice. Choose your sailing time to suit your schedule since DFDS sails early, and late during the day and even at night-time, there’ll be one just right for you.

    Between Dover and Calais you can travel with your car, motorhome caravan, or motorcycle. There are no baggage restrictions.

    There’s lots of activity to keep everyone entertained … even during the short crossing. There’s the onboard shop to explore for everything from newspapers and perfumes, confectionery, cosmetics and souvenirs. Don’t forget the onboard price advantages with many products up to 20% lower than London.

    Kids will love the children’s play area: Pirates’ Island will keep them happy during the crossing. Adults will be able to relax and enjoy the onboard facilities.

    The 7 Seas restaurant has a scrumptious breakfast offering for early sailings. At noon there are plenty of choices for adults, children and vegetarians. Don’t want a full meal? Then try the Horizon Snack Bar, a New York style deli, just choose from the variety of ingredients on the counter and create your own mouth-watering meal. There are even lighter snacks to take out and enjoy on the deck or at your seat.

    The Lighthouse Café is comfortable and modern. It serves light snacks and coffees, teas and other hot drinks as well as a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

    Watch both new ships, the CÔTE DES FLANDRES and CÔTE DES DUNES which were given the full treatment ahead of starting on the Dover-Calais route. After being purchased, they were completely refurbished, inside and out, and painted in their new DFDS livery, ready to serve.

    If you’re on your way to Normandy, western or central France or Paris then the ferry crossing between Newhaven and Dieppe offers rapid access to the French highway system, giving access to some of France’s colorful cities – including Amiens, Rouen and Lille – easy to reach by car. Dieppe is the nearest French port to Paris, France’s not-to-be-missed capital.

    The Newhaven to Dieppe Channel crossing is a mere 4 hours and you’ll be in the heart of Normandy. You’re already in western France or even on your way to Paris.

    Ferries to Dieppe from the UK depart 2 or 3 times a day (depending on the time of year) with onboard facilities including a restaurant, a shop, and a bar with floor to ceiling windows and stunning sea views, your holiday will start the moment you board the ferry. Kids will love being out on deck in the sea-breeze, and there is also a well-equipped play area to keep them fully entertained.

    Aboard the ferry to Dieppe, you have reclining lounge seats during the crossing to rest, relax or take a snooze. You can also book a private cabin for a small extra charge. Each cabin has toilet facilities and an en-suite shower with two or four comfortable beds, so you can even sleep as you sail. Another advantage is you can take your pets with you for a minimal extra charge.

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    Routes and Itineraries:

    Popular routes:
    Dover <> Dunkirk - 12 Sailings Daily -, 2 hr
    Dover <> Calais - 15 Sailings Daily - 1 hr 30 min
    Amsterdam to Newcastle - 7 Sailings Weekly – 16 hr 45 min

    When to Book:

    You’re best option is to book now … or at least very soon, when your travel plans are confirmed, even if you don’t have all your final destination reservation shored up. Here’s why:

    • Ferry prices rise as affluent periods get closer. These passenger funnels take place during weekends, general and school holidays and especially summer vacation.
    • Not only do prices rise but scarcity also comes into play. July and August are high season-book these months as soon as possible. Then come June and September.
    • Mid-week and night-time (added cost of a cabin if you need one, but that replaces a hotel room) are good choices to keep the cost lower. And keep an out for early bird and other special offers that the Ferry companies frequently offer.
    • Make sure you have a reservation at the time you want to travel.
    • Another factor to keep in mind, valid for prices and scarcity is the time of day you’re traveling.
    How to easily and safely book your tickets:

    The easiest way to book your cross-channel ferry crossing is via the official secure website established for this purpose. All the Book Now and other links to purchase ferry tickets on BonjourLaFrance will direct you to the major ticket provider for your country. You can be assured of a secure online reservation and ticket purchase. Over 2,5 million people have trusted and been satisfied by their sales and after-sales service. You will be too.

    Where to Book your Tickets and Reservations:

    Book with our partner who has years of reliable online experience. Tickets are handled worldwide and client service is very responsive.

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