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    Corsica Ferries is the way to get to Corsica. From the mountains at Corte up to the fine sandy beaches of Ajaccio, Propriano or Porto Vecchio you will enjoy wonderful landscapes. You will be surprised by the immense beauty of Corsica.

    The advent of fast ferries opened the market of crossings between the French mainland and Corsica. In 1996 the fast ferry Corsica Express inaugurated the route Nice-Corsica. In 2001 the Mega Express Ferries were introduced which made multiple new routes possible: between Toulon and the ports of Ajacco, Bastia, Calvi, Ile Rouse and the latest port of call, Porto Vecchio.

    By 2004 Corsica Ferries carried more passengers to Corsica than any other company. Mega Express IV was added in 2006. By then Corsica Ferries has welcomed more than 2 million passengers on the routes to Corsica. In 2007 Mega Express V was bought and redesigned during 2007 and 2008. In addition, in 2008 the Mega Smeralda was put into operation as the new beauty of the fleet.

    Most of our ferries to Corsica offer nice cabins, bars, self-service and a la carte restaurants, children’s playroom, swimming pool, solarium and shops.

    During your trip you can enjoy different eating facilities: in the cafeterias on the Corsica Express ferries or in the self-serving buffets on the cruise ferries Mega Express and the Corsica Shuttle. There are salads, starters, pasta, meat and fish dishes and a large selection of desserts.

    In the “a la carte restaurants” of the Mega Express ferries and the classic ferries you may enjoy the menu ‘La Mediterranée’: An aperitif, canapés, a starter of your choice, pasta, cheese or dessert.

    It is so easy to start your holiday relaxed on board the ferries in the lounges, restaurants, bars and cafeterias. Jump into the pool and enjoy sunshine and fresh air on deck. For children some of the ferries offer nice play areas. We also offer special dishes for the small guests with large appetites.

    Visit the boutique on board the ferry during your trip. You will find a selection of popular perfumes and cosmetics as well as new products and articles sold exclusively on ferries including a wide selection of jewelry at very attractive prices, watches and fashion accessories and games for children to accompany you throughout the journey. Not to forget a range of Corsican products to take home souvenirs of your memorable escapade to the island of beauty.

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    Routes and Itineraries:

    Popular routes:
    Ajaccio <> Nice - 6 Sailings Weekly - 5 hr 25 min
    Ajaccio <>Toulon - 3 Sailings Daily - 5 hr 55 min
    Bastia <> Nice - 8 Sailings Weekly - 4 hr 55 min
    Bastia <> Toulon - 9 Sailings Weekly - 8 hr
    Nice <>" target="_blank" rel="noopener">L’Ile Rousse - 3 Sailings Daily - 4 hr 30 min
    Toulon <> L’Ile Rousse - 6 Sailings Weekly - 5 hr 30 min
    Nice <> Porto Vecchio - 3 Sailings Weekly - 9 hr 30 min
    Toulon <> Porto Vecchio - 1 Sailing Weekly - 10 hr 30 min

    Toulon <> Alcudia - 2 Sailings Weekly - 9 hr 30 min

    Nice <> Golfo Aranci - 1 Sailing Weekly - 12 hr 45 min
    Golfo Aranci <> Toulon - 1 Sailing Weekly- 14 hr
    Toulon <> Porto Torres - 4 Sailings Weekly - 7 hr

    When to Book:

    You’re best option is to book now … or at least very soon, when your travel plans are confirmed, even if you don’t have all your final destination reservation shored up. Here’s why:

    • Ferry prices rise as affluent periods get closer. These passenger funnels take place during weekends, general and school holidays and especially summer vacation.
    • Not only do prices rise but scarcity also comes into play. July and August are high season-book these months as soon as possible. Then come June and September.
    • Mid-week and night-time (added cost of a cabin if you need one, but that replaces a hotel room) are good choices to keep the cost lower. And keep an out for early bird and other special offers that the Ferry companies frequently offer.
    • Make sure you have a reservation at the time you want to travel.
    • Another factor to keep in mind, valid for prices and scarcity is the time of day you’re traveling.
    How to easily and safely book your tickets:

    The easiest way to book your cross-channel ferry crossing is via the official secure website established for this purpose. All the Book Now and other links to purchase ferry tickets on BonjourLaFrance will direct you to the major ticket provider for your country. You can be assured of a secure online reservation and ticket purchase. Over 2,5 million people have trusted and been satisfied by their sales and after-sales service. You will be too.

    Where to Book your Tickets and Reservations:

    Book with our partner who has years of reliable online experience. Tickets are handled worldwide and client service is very responsive.

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